Tebow Reunion – Kansas City

Last week we returned home from spending five days in Kansas City for the Tebow Family reunion where we celebrated Grandma and Grandpa’s 90th birthdays and 67th wedding anniversary. Some of these photos were taken by Bill or me, but all of the really good ones were taken by Michael.

This was Tommy’s first time flying any airline other than jetBlue and I’m happy to say, he made us very proud. Especially since it took us all day to get to Kansas City from LAX. We tried for the 8:30am direct flight on Southwest from LAX to MCI with no success. We made the next flight to Denver. Then we tried for multiple flights from DEN to MCI on either Southwest or Frontier Airlines. The funny part was each time we’d not make a flight, the next one we were trying for would be clear on the opposite side of the terminal. Naturally. We finally made it to MCI well after 9pm. Chris picked us up and drove us to Jenn’s house, where we were staying. Staying at Jenn & Kevin’s spare room instead of a hotel made the trip SO much easier for us. We are so grateful that they opened their home for us.

The next day we were greeted by Emily and Ava as they were very excited to meet Tommy for the first time. And they were really wonderful with him. We met up with some family at Lidia’s. The food was excellent! Bill and I both really wanted to eat there and we were discussing when we would be able to find the time.


Grandma got to meet Tommy for the first time too. He is great-grandchild number three for her.

This was THE BEST Caesar Salad I have ever eaten. I was told this is what it’s supposed to taste like.

I (along with many others) had the pasta trio. All of them were delicious!

Ava really liked her spaghetti, especially the slurping part.

Emily avoiding the camera.


We had a wonderful time.

After lunch we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s new house where Tommy snoozed on the couch.


For dinner on Friday Mom, Dad, Michael, Jackie, Bill, Tommy and I met up with Mom’s Aunt Esther and cousin Connie for dinner at Fiorella’s Jack Stack. They live in the area and we try and get together whenever we’re in town.

While we waited for a table, Michael, Bill, Tommy and I walked over to Union Station to take some photos. Here’s a Wikipedia history of Union Station.

Tommy really likes chilling on my back lately. And I really enjoy having my hands free.

The clouds outside were the real star.

Dinner at Jack Stack was wonderful, but we didn’t remember to take any photos of the barbecue. Michael did get a photo of the dessert that we all shared. It was a wonderfully rich, vanilla rum bread pudding.

If they had only left out the golden raisins, it would have been the most perfect bread pudding for me. It was SO close.


Saturday all of the cousins met up at Jack Stack for lunch. Bill and I were not at all sad to be having a second meal at Jack Stack. Mom and Dad agreed to babysit Tommy for a couple of hours and Kevin arranged for Emily and Ava to spend a few hours at his parents’ house. It was a wonderful lunch with out children.

Here is everyone in attendance, including Nathan, Kari’s fiancé. The only cousin missing is Patrick. And he has already received an earful from us for not attending.

Later Saturday evening we all met up at the church for some family photos. There was lots of extended family in attendance, including many I hadn’t seen since Grandma and Grandpa’s 50th wedding anniversary back in 1993.

This photo really made me laugh as we’re trying to get Tommy to look at the camera. Bill was waving his cell phone around and then forgot that he needed to look at the camera too. Thankfully Aunt Nancy helped out and held the cell phone:

Here’s Tommy with Aunt Nancy:

All of the grandchildren in attendance.

Cousins Brad, Kelly, Kari, Silvia and Nathan.

Our view of the photographer and everyone else was entertaining.

When it was time for Tommy to eat, Ava was absolutely fascinated with him nursing.

She was confused at first… especially when I said Tommy was eating. ‘Drinking’ made much more sense to her, but the method had her a little stumped. I explained that mommy’s make milk that is just for babies and she asked me, “and the milk is in my nipples?” Once Emily said she remembered Ava nursing as a baby with their mom, that seemed to make it believable. 

Emily and Ava with Tommy. We have lots of shots from this where Tommy is a blurry, squirmy blob.

Tommy loved being able to just crawl around on the carpet. He was struggling a little since he was wearing shoes for the first time. It was pretty funny.

Saturday evening we had a wonderful catered dinner in the Fellowship Hall of the church with all of the extended family.


Each table’s centerpiece was small cake. Some were chocolate, some were strawberry and some were lemon. My table had lemon and the cake was really delicious!

Tommy enjoyed sweet potatoes for dinner… and proceeded to make quite a mess.

And as an encore, he sneezed and left us with an impressive snot bubble.

And then he fell asleep on Jackie…


Jackie was our lucky charm on this trip. Tommy fell asleep on her four times!

Oh, and this is what happens to your camera lens when you step outside into very hot and humid weather! Mom and Dad’s glasses kept fogging up too.

The highlight of the evening was a twenty minute slide show that Chris created documenting Grandma and Grandpa’s courtship and the last 67 years through photos, interviews and photos …although slide show doesn’t quite describe the exceptional quality of the presentation.

Here’s a nine-minute version that Chris put together for his blog. I hope to be able to post the full version one of these days.


Sunday morning we met up with everyone for Church. Tommy and Bill spent most of the service in the back hallway because Tommy thought it was a perfect time to be chatty.

after the service, Tommy took a milk break.

After Church many of us had lunch at a local Italian restaurant called Sutera’s. It was a nice casual lunch.

At lunch with Uncle David and Aunt Jayme… and Tommy is asleep on Jackie again.

After lunch we were back at the church for a reception for Grandma and Grandpa. It was an opportunity for all of their friends to greet them and for the family and extended family to mingle.

There was plenty of cake and punch.

I guess the tiered cake was a request of Grandma’s since she didn’t have one at her wedding.

Tommy enjoyed being able to have the freedom to crawl around again.


A photo we forgot to get the day before.

Sunday evening we figured we’d have a low-key dinner at Jenn and Kevin’s house. It became much larger than that with close to twenty guests. Bill manned the barbecue (and was eaten alive by mosquitos!) while I braided Emily’s hair.

It was a fun way to relax after a day of being dressed up.

It was also Aunt Pat’s birthday, so we had to light some candles and sing!

And the girls played with Tommy:



Monday morning many family members headed to airports and then home. Bill and I had a quick visit with Grandma and Grandpa before we needed to head to the airport. We had a late breakfast with Grandpa, Chris, Jenn, Emily and Ava at First Watch.

Tommy spent most of the meal passed out on Bill’s arm. Bill was actually quite proud of himself. He was able to eat his sausage and biscuits without dropping at on Tommy.

It was entertaining watching Ava mince her chocolate chip pancake.

We really had a wonderful time and were sad to say goodbye to everyone. Our visits are too few and far between. We hope to see everyone again next year for Michael and Sara’s wedding.


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5 Responses to Tebow Reunion – Kansas City

  1. stebow says:

    Great post baby!

  2. oldpartner says:

    What a fantastic entry!  The pictures were fantastic!  I don’t suppose that there would be a way to access them?  There are a few I would love to have a copy of.  Thanks for taking the time to post the lengthy entry! 🙂

  3. alextebow says:

    @oldpartner – Sure. Any of the photos that Michael took can be seen/downloaded here: http://gallery.me.com/mtebow#100485&bgcolor=black&view=gridI'll post mine in a Photobucket account and send you the username and password via email.

  4. jandsschultz says:

    Great post, Alex.  The pictures are an excellent illustration of our time together.  Thanks again for making the effort to come.  It was great fun to meet Tommy for the first time as well.  He’ll be “running” the next time we see him and probably talking some as well.

  5. christao408 says:

    These turned out nicely.  Could you also post the pictures of the reunion in the dropbox file?

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