Family Photos

July was a busy month for us and August looks like it will be nice and quiet. September and October though, we just don’t know yet. Speaking of… where the heck has this year gone?!?  Tommy is going to be a year old in just two months!

The same week we came home from Kansas City, Tommy had his nine month well-baby visit. He weighed in at 19lbs, 6.5oz and 29 1/4″ tall. He’s in the 40th percentile for his weight and shot up to the 80th percentile for his height. I’m pretty sure he got the Tebow genes there.  Tommy is crawling like a pro and has finally begun cruising (walking while holding on to furniture). When he began pulling up the same week he mastered crawling, we thought he might be walking sooner rather than later. Then, he started getting smart (some say lazy). Instead of staying on his feet and walking to his destination while holding on to something, he realized it was faster to just sit down and crawl. So, that’s what he’s been doing for the past month. Just last week he started figuring out that he can get to his destination whilst staying on his feet. I placed a few of his favorite puffs at each corner of the coffee table as he cruised around. This week he tried taking a step once or twice without holding on to anything with complete and utter failure. Thankfully there were no injuries. I’m enjoying the cruising stage right now… there’s no need to rush right into walking.

Back in June we took some family photos with a new local photographer, Cari Hollis. Cari and I have been internet friends for a few years through the wedding planning message board we were both on. Now we are on the same message board but only talking babies now; she has an adorable five month old son. I have also been helping her with a new logo for her photography business. It was wonderful to finally meet her in person. We met up at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Tommy was all smiles and we cracked up many times with the funny faces he made. Here are some of my favorites:

Toward the end of the session Tommy was getting tired.


He has had a few firsts these past couple of months…

Jackie got him his first pair of aviator sunglasses:

We’ll probably wait a while before he wears them with any regularity.

He tasted watermelon for the first time and really liked it… although it may have been because it was cold. He tasted tofu for the first time and loves it, especially when it’s mixed with apples or peaches. He also tasted chicken for the first time, he really hated it. When mixed with a lot of peaches he was happy. Bill’s mom tried a new concoction of chicken mixed with rice porridge and he really seems to like it.

June also saw Tommy’s first tooth:

Tooth #2 made an appearance sometime near the beginning of July. I have a photo that I took yesterday that shows both of this teeth. Tooth #3 is working its way out on the top and it should poke through any day now. I have been extremely happy that his teeth have been behind the ball on their growth, in more ways than one. I loved his toothless smile and I love the 2 bottom teeth smile even more. But I am going to miss it once the top ones start showing.


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  1. christao408 says:

    I had no idea it is called “cruising”.  See, you learn something new every day?

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