A birthday, a festival, and some teeth

Some randomness…

Tommy after an unusually long nap:

As you can see slept with his pacifier under his face.

I love his sleepy smile after naps.


A couple of weeks ago Tommy and I attended the first birthday party for our friend Lucas. His mommy and I are friends through the wedding planning and baby message boards we both frequent. Another mommy and baby from the message boards was there too, Cari and Nathan. Cari was the photographer who took our awesome family photos a couple of months ago.

Here are the six of us:

Not even a week before the party Lucas (in the middle) started walking, it was pretty exciting. Nathan, on the left, is five months old. It cracks me up how close they all are in size.

Unfortunately I only have a couple of photos since Bill wasn’t with me.


It was held at Zoomar’s Petting Zoo in San Juan Capistrano. The location is great for a kid’s birthday party with lots of snuggly animals to hold and pet, pony rides, cows, goats, birds and a great picnic area. When I got there my first thought was that Logan and Kristen would love this place!


As of this past weekend, Tommy has three teeth.

Two on the bottom and one on top, that has just poked through. As far as teething symptoms, this third tooth was a breeze compared to the first two. I have read that some babies start to get used to the teething pain… at least until the first molars come in. What purpose does it serve for teething to be so painful? Is it to help build a tolerance for pain later in life? I’m curious to understand this from an evolutionary perspective.


Yesterday Bill, Tommy and I spent the afternoon at the Long Beach Crawfish Festival. We met up with friends Albert, Jessica and Colin and enjoyed some yummy food, lively cajun/zydeco music and some very interesting people watching. This was the first time I got to taste crawfish. It was tasty, but it seemed to me to be more work than it’s worth.

The two giant boilers where they were cooking the crawfish. I bet you could fit six people in there… not for cooking, but as if it was a hot tub.

Colin has this wonderful smile where he scrunches his nose and shows you his teeth. It’s adorable!

Such a cutie!


Tommy can wave now, but he’s rather selective on what or to whom he waves… and sometimes he gets distracted by a bird or something.

He fell asleep within minutes of leaving the festival and stayed asleep during the ten minute walk back to the car… stayed asleep as we pulled him out of the carrier and into his car seat… and for about forty minutes as we drove home. I wish he could do that more often. Heck I wish I could sleep that soundly!


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2 Responses to A birthday, a festival, and some teeth

  1. christao408 says:

    That’s an interesting question you pose.  I would guess that teething pain doesn’t serve any evolutionary purpose, but is just a side effect of how the teeth come in.  One wonders if sharks experience teething pains what with their rows and rows of teeth that come out and get replaced.

  2. stebow says:

    I agree! Teething pain is horrible! He looks fabulous though! Able to rise above it, huh?

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