CIO 100 Awards

Last week Bill and I had an opportunity to spend a nice evening out, our first since Tommy was born… surrounded by professionals who are in a significantly higher tax bracket than us.

jetBlue was awarded a CIO 100 Award for the second year in a row. Every year CIO Magazine, a magazine for IT executives, awards one hundred companies that demonstrate excellence and innovation in IT. Last year jetBlue won for their brand new T5 Terminal at JFK Airport. This year they won for their reservations system conversion and new customer loyalty program. It’s all pretty technical, but when Bill explains it, it sounds pretty cool.

Every year CIO has a black tie banquet to hand out these awards. Since the banquet was local to us, jetBlue’s CIO asked Bill to accept the award on behalf of the company. Although I suspect, he didn’t want to get dressed up and have to spend an evening schmoozing with other executives. So Bill happily accepted, and we got all gussied up and had a fancy dinner at the very plush Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes. This was probably the best banquet food I’ve ever had… beat out any wedding I’ve ever attended. There was entertainment from The Three Waiters and they zipped through the awards portion.

Here Bill is accepting the award… he was very thankful he didn’t have to give a speech.

I think Bill is cracking up here because the Editor in Chief is asking him to upgrade her flight for the next day.

They projected each awardee on a screen with the name and title of the person accepting the award. Bill cracked up at this because he was the lowest ranking person in the room… all of the other awards were accepted by CIOs, directors and executive vice presidents. Thankfully, his title is rather cryptic:

Can anyone guess what his title means?

The evening was followed by pictures with CIO’s Editor in Chief, Maryfran Johnson.

They had a nice dessert selection and casino games after dinner. We didn’t stay long, agreeing that casino games aren’t as fun when you’re not playing with real money. Plus, neither of us was in a position to (or in the mood to) network with fellow guests.


We thought Tommy ought to pose in his jetBlue bib with the award.

The next day, his photo was posted on the jetBlue Intranet for employees.

Bill joked that he’s been with the company for seven years and has never been in a photo on the front page of the intranet. Tommy is much cuter.


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3 Responses to CIO 100 Awards

  1. christao408 says:

    It says a lot about jetBlue that they give the glory to “regular” employees, instead of these events being only for big-wigs.  Sure, the real reason may be that the jetBlue big-wigs didn’t want to sit through another rubber chicken dinner, but it sure can be spun as being a “it’s all about the employees” thing.The picture Bill posted of Tommy with the award was great.  So sorry that his son beat him onto the B6 intranet and isn’t even employed there… yet.

  2. stebow says:

    You two clean up pretty nice. Glad you could go and double glad you had some good food too.

  3. Brad WIlson says:

    Congratulations to you and Bill! (both for the award and for the chance to get out for awhile I have two kids under 2.5, so I know how you feel. We loved being part of that night, too! -Brad, GM of The Three Waiters, USA.

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