Julie & Daniel’s Wedding

October has been a very busy month for us, so I’ll do my best to recap. I’ll do a separate post for Tommy’s birthday party.

Back on October 2nd, we attended the wedding of a family friend. Daniel, the oldest son of Florance and Joe, (close friends of Bill’s parents) got hitched in a church in San Ramon. Florance and Joe’s middle son, Victor, was close friends with Bill when they were growing up. Funny enough, Victor’s wife, Alice was a close friend of mine in high school. Bill and I always find it funny when there are little connections like that since we went to the same high school but didn’t know each other then. Also, my family has known Joe for years as he used to be a soccer referee in Newark. Small world.

This wedding was our first opportunity to get Tommy all dressed up. Which proved to be interesting since we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on an outfit he was probably only going to wear once. Thankfully Sears carries a line of Dockers brand slacks/shirt/vest/tie combos that work great for toddlers, and, when 30% off, made it even better. Even though they are very well suited for toddlers, the shirt just won’t stay tucked in. But I guess it can’t be perfect.

Tommy did really well during the ceremony. We sat in the back prepared to have to whisk him out of there if he started getting chatty. He did get bored after a few minutes, so he proceeded to empty everything out of my purse. But I was totally fine with it because he did it quietly.

After the ceremony, we had a little over an hour to kill (while family took photos) before we could head to the reception, which was located just across the street. We let the kid run around a bit and went to Whole Foods down the street to pickup some dinner for Tommy.

The reception was at The Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon. It has a beautiful view of the East Bay. While we waited for the reception to start, we walked down to a practice putting green to let Tommy run around a bit. I did my best to stay off the green to avoid poking holes in the grass with my heels.

Pretty view, eh? The photo really doesn’t do it justice.

Couldn’t get him to sit still and smile AT ALL!

Once the reception got started Bill and I wolfed down our meals and took turns letting the kid walk around and play on the dance floor. It was a pretty big reception (around 250 to 300 guests) and there were plenty of other kids, so he wasn’t the only one itching to run around.

Bill and Bill’s dad let him run around on the dance floor with some other kids. The kid in the bow tie was dancing up a storm! Tommy did pretty well considering he was probably the youngest kid out there who could walk. We did get to meet plenty of younger babies too.

After dinner was over, they cut the cake.

I love how they displayed photos of both sets of parents at their weddings. A nice touch!  The crowd around the cake was crazy to even try getting a decent photo.

I can’t remember why he was upset here, but the look on Bill’s face suggests it was a funny reason…

Again, I can’t remember what was going on, but the look on his face cracks me up.

The bride and groom had a cute (and short!) choreographed first dance. And instead of throwing the bouquet to the single gals, they did an Anniversary Dance. The DJ had married couples come out to the dance floor depending on how long they had been married. The couple that had been married the longest got the honor of having the dance floor to themselves for a short dance. Then the bride and groom gave them a nice bottle of wine and the bride’s “throwing” bouquet. This was something I had planned to do for our wedding if we had more room to have a traditional dance floor.

By this time, Bill and I had our fill of wedding cake and Tommy was starting to fade. The DJ cranked up the dance music and Tommy crashed in my arms. We were amazed that he could sleep through the deafening music.

We headed home and Tommy slept almost the whole way. He did SO well for his first wedding. I know he got bored a few times, but he breezed through it and made us proud.


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6 Responses to Julie & Daniel’s Wedding

  1. christao408 says:

    I think that golf course is near our friends Bruce and Howie’s house.  As for the wedding itself, the idea of an Anniversary Dance is fantastic.

  2. Your little man looked so handsome all dressed up.

  3. stebow says:

    Tommy is growing so fast. What a big boy! And so handsome!

  4. oldpartner says:

    What a beautiful family you make!  Interesting that you started to refer to Tommy as “the kid”.

  5. jandsschultz says:

    There are some priceless photos in this blog.  I hope you are thinking of putting together a book of Tommy’s first year.  It is pretty easy to do digitally, now.  Chris has done some wonderful books, especially for Emily and Ava that they will treasure even more as they get older.  Thanks for sharing.

  6. alextebow says:

    @oldpartner – heheh, “the kid” kind of evolved once he started to walk.@jandsschultz – I have been working on a scrapbook/photobook for his 1st year, but I have a long way to go still. My goal is to have it finished before he turns 2.@christao408 – I have always thought an Anniversary Dance to be a really wonderful dance, and an excellent replacement for the bouquet/garter tossing. If we’d had our wedding at a venue with a dance floor, we would have done it.

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