First Visit to the Snow

Shortly after New Year’s we began discussing how and when we’d take Tommy to visit snow for the first time. The nearest snow to us is either a three-ish hour drive to Big Bear or a two-ish hour drive to Wrightwood and Mountain High Resort. Since all of the mommies in our little group expressed an interest in going we decided to plan a day trip. We rented a 15 passenger van and piled in four car seats, four one-year-olds, one teenager and eight adults. We knew the possibility of the day ending in disaster was there, but we braved through anyway.

In the days leading up to our trip, we had temps in the 80s and gorgeous sunshine, and we wondered if there would even be any snow.

We opted to drive to Wrightwood rather than Big Bear because it’s quicker and the road is much less windy. Once we found a play area that wasn’t terribly crowded, the fun ensued:

  While Mahsa carried the baby, Mel carried everything else!

Struggling to balance on the slippery and uneven snow.


He had fun though!


Everyone was having fun!

Yummy snow!

As you can probably tell by our clothing, it wasn’t all that cold. If you stood still in the shade, it was very chilly. But if you were moving around and in the sun it was perfect for playing.


I guess the snow was a little deeper than he was expecting.


Tommy tried to give me a ride with no success.

Then he left without me.

  Hi Mel… whatcha doin?

Max fell asleep after some heavy duty playing:


Mahsa, Mel and Max is the one passed out.

Verene, Levi, Christopher… and Eliana is the one passed out.

Albert, Jessica and Colin


We attempted to take a group photo and set our cameras on the ten second timer. Bill set our camera to take five shots once the ten seconds were up. The photos that came from them were pretty funny. At least we thought they were funny.

#1. Bill and Mel got started running on the slippery snow a little late. Bill isn’t even visible and Mel looks like he’s trying to tackle Levi. And the rest of us are cracking up.

#2.  Almost there, but still not quite yet:

#3 Finally made it!

#4 That’s better:

As long as the blue cowbell made it into the shot, all was well. All of the babies enjoyed playing with that obnoxiously loud cowbell, we joked that it should be in every group shot we take.

  Hi Tommy!

  Getting ready to head back to the van.

I wore Tommy in his baby carrier as we walked back to the van and he was asleep after about ten minutes. He slept through Bill and I changing him out of his wet jeans and me putting him into his car seat. Then he slept the whole car ride home.

I wanted to make sure I got a shot of the row of car seats. Special thanks goes to Max for the cheesy smile.

Max was helping us unload the van, sort of.

We all had a wonderful time even though we were all quite tired when we got home. We’d love to do another trip like this, but perhaps stay for a whole weekend rather than a day trip. We’ll have to think about it.


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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3 Responses to First Visit to the Snow

  1. christao408 says:

    If you were to ask me what a Southern California version of playing in the snow might look like, I think this is what would come to mind.  Shorts for a trip to the snow?  =D

  2. oldpartner says:

    We have a foot of snow waiting for a little boy who is about one to play in.  We even have an awesome sledding hill in the front yard that runs right into 2-3 ft snow drifts. All you have to do is get past the below zero temps. Sounds like fun, huh?  It looks like Tommy had a great time!

  3. jandsschultz says:

    What a wonderful idea to rent a van and share a day with friends in the snow.  The idea of wearing shorts, however, blows me away.  We have 2″ of ice under what is amounting to much more snow than predicted.  It started this morning about 5:30 and is still coming down.  We probably have at least 3″ as I write this at 12:45pm EST.  Glad you had a good time.  Tommy probably won’t remember this adventure, but having such wonderful pictures helped capture the experience for him.  Thanks for sharing.

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