Food Trucks!

We enjoyed a nice and quiet President’s Day 3-day weekend. We had some rain toward the end of the week and were expecting more during the weekend. Thankfully we only got a little bit of rain. On Saturday we drove down to Anaheim to a random car dealership where seven popular food trucks were parked for the afternoon. While Tommy napped in his car seat, Bill and I took turns browsing what the trucks were selling and placing orders that we shared in the car.

  Stormy clouds were looming.

First we shared a BLT from the BaconMania truck. The bacon was wonderfully crispy and heavily peppered. It was simple and delicious.

Next we shared some simple and very good frites from the Spudrunners truck:

I love the container, perfect for eating while walking around.

Tempura Bacon Rolls from The OC Food Truck:

Hard to tell from the image, but this is spinach, Monterey Jack and muenster cheese wrapped in bacon, then battered and deep fried. Then a spicy aioli is added on top. It was delicious but also very heavy. We joked that it probably shortened our lifespans a bit.

There were quite a few items on the menu on the OC Food Truck that looked delicious. Including a burger that had chorizo and a fried egg on top. An item called Carnivore Fries that are french fries topped with corned beef, pastrami, caramelized onions, melted swiss cheese, garlic and sriracha sauce. They also sell a Twinkie that is dipped in pancake batter, deep fried and then topped with Nutella and whipped cream. That’s just all kinds of good and bad.

Baked salmon roll from the Rolling Sushi van:

This was really delicious, a simple California roll topped with salmon sashimi and then baked until the salmon warmed up but wasn’t overcooked. Then it’s topped with Japanese mayo and Ponzu sauce. It’s a lovely mix of flavors and the umbrella was a fun touch since it was starting to sprinkle as we finished our meal.

and Tommy continued to snooze:

While I was waiting for a couple of items I downed what The Flip Truck dubbed a Buck Shot. It was a $1 cup of spicy Mexican hot chocolate with a dollop of vanilla bean whipped cream. It was yummy on such a chilly day with the bitterness of the chocolate contrasting with the sweet vanilla cream.

The last item we shared was also from The Flip Truck: a pair of American Kobe beef sliders with cheddar cheese, arugula and aioli served on a toasted bun. Now, I have never had actual Kobe beef, and it seems counter intuitive to eat it ground into a burger. To me it seems to defeat the purpose. Either way, these were so delicious! It was a good thing we ate these at the end of our meal, otherwise would probably would have ordered them again. They came with what The Flip Truck calls Lou-Wow fries. They are shoestring french fries sprinkled with pink Hawaiian sea salt and pink peppercorns and served with a truffled ketchup. They were quite yummy.

The whole experience was fun as we don’t often get to try these famed food trucks, let alone multiple trucks at once. They have quite a following in southern California with people following them on Twitter, Facebook and their respective websites. I have a few of them bookmarked for when they might show up near work or home. I enjoyed some delicious kalbi tacos a while back from the famed Kogi Taco Truck. I find it a very interesting phenomenon, an American version of street food that has the same health regulations that a restaurant has. Bill made an excellent point that a food truck is a great way for an aspiring chef to “open a restaurant” without the stress and expense of opening an actual restaurant. And it also allows them to serve a broad range of customers at prices that are affordable. A co-worker of mine often visits The Grilled Cheese Truck since they park near her apartment often. The location is also next to a very high end hotel. So she always finds it funny to see wealthy people, dressed to the nines, standing in line with her and her family, and they’re wearing PJs.

The clouds threatened to rain on us many times, but we only saw sprinkles.  There were two more trucks in attendance, ShortStop BBQ (known for BBQ sliders) and the Seabirds Veggie Truck (known for beer-battered avocado tacos), but we ran out of room in our stomachs to give them a try. Next time.


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3 Responses to Food Trucks!

  1. christao408 says:

    I just suddenly realized what I want to do in June while we’re there!

  2. stebow says:

    What a great way to sample many trucks all at once. How often are the trucks all parked in the same area? YUM!

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