Kauai, part 2


Saturday morning Tommy was up at a nice, normal time and ready to play. Dad took him for a walk around our condo, stopping to snap photos of pretty flowers.

When Bill and I were in Maui, we never saw any spam musubi, and were quite disappointed. Before we got to Kauai we talked to our friend Trish, and she assured us we’d see spam musubi at any local market. We weren’t disappointed. Bill picked up a couple at the Sueoka’s Snack Shop and we devoured it on Saturday morning. The regular musubi wasn’t the best we’d had before. The one I have pictured, had some nori and toasted sesame seeds on the outside which added a bit more flavor.

After Tommy had a morning nap, we made our way to the Poipu Shopping Village down the street for lunch: Puka Dogs.

Many, many friends recommended this place. One woman I know went to Puka Dogs with her husband three times while on their seven-day honeymoon in Kauai. What exactly is a Puka Dog? Puka means “hole” in Hawaiian. And the bun of a Puka Dog is unique in that it they don’t slice it down the middle like most hot dogs. Instead they poke a hole in it using a rather medieval-looking device that toasts the inside too. Then it’s filled with a choice of fruit relishes, garlicky sauces and a polish or veggie dog. In my opinion, the result is worth spending $6 on a hot dog. Here’s the menu board:

I had a polish dog with mild garlic lemon sauce, pineapple relish and lilikoi mustard. I really enjoyed mine and loved the blend of flavors with the sweet pineapple and the salty polish dog.

Mom had mango relish in hers. I believe Bill had pineapple relish too but he opted for the spicy sauce, which wasn’t that spicy at all. It was quite good. As luck would have it, Aunt Pat, Uncle Carl, Kari, Nathan, Kelly, Brad and Silvia were there for lunch too.

Running around while we waited for the hot dogs.

Oh, and they make really delicious lemonade too.

A pretty flower near Puka Dogs.

After lunch we headed back to the condo to pack up for a visit to the beach. In Poipu, there’s a small beach fittingly called Baby Beach. It is probably the most perfect beach for toddlers and kids. It’s a small cove protected from the waves by rocks. And the deepest part is probably only thirty-six inches deep. We dressed Tommy in a wetsuit-type swimsuit we picked up at Costco in Lihue and had a really nice time.




At first Tommy refused to let go of my hands. When he finally did, he face-planted into the water after a few minutes. He refused to let go of my hands again after that.

Bill snapped this cool photo of the waves and a few little crabs. You can only see one in this shot, but there were probably half a dozen crabs hanging out on the rocks.

Tommy also enjoyed dragging Bill around the beach for a while.

  I wish I knew what this was about.

and doing a little exploring on his own…


And then came face-plant number two…


  Mommy, I fell down over there!

  and he’s done.

Sandy toes!

After we played in the water for an hour or two and let Tommy run around in the sand, we packed up to leave. Before we got in the car, we stopped at Brennecke’s Beachside Deli for some shave ice. It wasn’t as good as JoJo’s, but it was still refreshing and delicious, and right there next to the beach. How convenient!


On Sunday morning Dad took Tommy for a walk after he woke up and let Bill and I sleep in. This time they walked down to the water so Tommy could run around on the grassy area near the beach. It was perfect as it wore him out in perfect timing for his morning nap. During his nap Dad and I took the same walk down to the beach so I could take some photos.

  A banana tree outside our condo. Everytime we walked by it Tommy would shout, “nana! nana!” Now whenever he sees a palm tree with leaves like this, and we have some in socal, he shouts the same.

At this little cove where the waves were especially rough, we watched about a dozen sea turtles swimming in the waves.


I couldn’t get any decent photos of them, but they were a lot of fun to watch.

Down past Baby Beach at Poipu Beach, there was a sea otter basking in the sun. The lifeguards put up a rope to help ensure that beach goers would leave the otter alone. I promise it’s not dead!

There were lots of calm little pools to play in.

  Water temp: 74!

It was a really beautiful day. Dad and I stopped at Brenneke’s again for some shave ice and tried our best to finish it before we got back to the condo.

light pink hibiscus outside Brenneke’s.

While Dad and I walked back to the condo, Bill sent me these photos of Tommy awake from his nap:


After we returned (and tossed the shave ice evidence) we played outside for a while and then got dressed to head to Kari and Nathan’s wedding.


The ceremony was held at nearby Shipwreck Beach. It’s a gorgeous beach and perfect for a small beach wedding. Off to the left side of the beach the trees and cliff protect the beach from the wind. It was very peaceful.

Nathan’s family posing for a photo.

  Mom and Dad

  cousins Chris & Tawn

  with Tommy… sort of

  cousins Brad and Silvia


Mom and Tawn enjoying their shade.


I love how informal everything was. The only indication of an aisle was a path of flower petals. There were no chairs, we just huddled around Nathan and Kari when the ceremony began. I thought it was intimate and really beautiful.

I seriously wasn’t paying any attention when the actual ceremony began… then Kari and her parents magically appeared in the trees!





We took a large group photo with the professional photographer and then made our way to the Plantation Gardens Restaurant for dinner.

  I had to snap a few photos of the place settings and tablescape since I planned to blog about them on my design blog. I really love the simple decor using ripe pineapples (they smelled wonderful!) and orchids. The little paper palm trees were filled with personalized M&Ms.

An engraved luggage tag acted as both a personalized favor and a place card. Each tag had the guests’ initials engraved on the back. What a wonderful idea for a destination wedding!


An acoustic guitarist played during the ceremony and cocktail hour.

  He was really wonderful.


  my cucumber mojito, it was quite tasty


Dinner was set up for us on one of the restaurant’s patios. It was a lovely evening, with calm winds and no rain. Which was a relief since it had been quite windy since we’d arrived.

  Kari & sister-in-law Silvia

  Kari & her sister Kelly

  Kari & her brother Brad

For dinner we had a choice of a lobster bisque or a salad. Bill had the bisque and I had the salad.

  the soup just wasn’t photogenic.

For dinner we had a choice of three entreés, fresh local fish with avocado and mango salsa, a seafood lau lau or beef tenderloin. I opted for the lau lau and thought it was pretty tasty.

Mom had the fish and said it was delicious.


Nathan’s dad giving a little speech before the cake cutting

I love this shot.

Kari’s dad, my Uncle Carl giving a little speech. Her mom, my Aunt Pat watches.



Brad tells a little story about when he first met Nathan.

For Nathan’s little speech, he thanked his mom for ironing his shirt.


Mom and Dad with Aunt Sue and Uncle Jerry

The cake was SO delicious!

Kari with her parents

By the time the cake was served, Tommy was done for the night. He’d only had a fifteen minute nap on the way to the wedding and had a new molar coming in. All things considering, he did exceptionally well. We headed back to the condo and all of us crashed pretty quickly.


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One Response to Kauai, part 2

  1. christao408 says:

    Wonderful pictures.  It is neat to see how you guys experienced the trip and a reminder that while we had a lot of larger family time we also had time for each of our own families.  The picture of Tommy and Bill shrugging at each other is funny.  I love seeing the photos of your dad with Tommy.  He’s easing quite naturally into grandfatherhood.

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