An update, again.

On the 24th of July, Tommy and I flew to the Bay Area to get away from the moving stuff. As much as I wanted to be there to help, it was better to have Tommy away from that organized chaos. The next day, a couple of guys arrived from the moving company and began packing up all of our belongings. Bill was there to supervise/help and snapped a few photos. They were one guy short and it took them a little over twelve hours to get everything packed. Part of me wonders if they were surprised just how much stuff we were able to fit into an 1100 square foot house. On Tuesday, the moving truck arrived and everything was loaded.

This is the view from our front door. Behind that wall of boxes is the doorway to our kitchen.

I can’t imagine it was very easy to get that huge truck onto our narrow street. I wonder if any cars were able to get by?

Bill’s view as he worked from the couch in our driveway.

My car hitching a ride to SLC.  Tommy would say, “bu-bye, beep beep!”

After everything was packed and the truck left, Bill met with our realtor to give her the keys. Yes, we’re going to put the house up for sale. We did some research and weighed our options. We got some quotes for renovating the kitchen and bathroom and discussed how we would get these renovations done from SLC and then proceed to find someone to rent our house. With the significant drop in the market, we kind of thought this was our best option. After some heavy duty thinkin’ we both realized it would be easier and significantly less of a headache to just sell the house as is, take the loss and be done with it. We met with a realtor who came very highly recommended and she gave us some numbers that were higher than we expected. Both of us think she’s being a little optimistic with the asking price, but she sounds like she really knows her stuff. After some cleaning and a few handy-man repairs the house will be listed and we’ll see what happens. Once the listing is up, I’ll share it so ya’ll can pressure anyone you know looking for a house to check it out.

On Tuesday afternoon Bill and Louie set out toward SLC in Bill’s car. The company was only paying to have one of our cars shipped. It kind of worked out so we could pack a few irreplaceable items in Bill’s car (a few framed photos, paintings, jewelry and my computer).

Today Bill received a phone call saying that the truck had arrived in SLC. Here it is at the curb of our new home. Bill also texted me saying that our ficus tree looks like it survived the trip. Tommy and I had already planned to stay in Newark through the end of this week. So Bill will join us this weekend and then we will fly to SLC together. Once we get settled I’ll share photos of the new place.

I do know one thing… I don’t think I ever want to do a move like this WITHOUT professional movers.


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3 Responses to An update, again.

  1. christao408 says:

    You know, Alex, unpacking would be a great time to sort some things into the Goodwill pile!  =D

  2. alextebow says:

    @christao408 – That’s the plan! If I haven’t seen it since the last time we moved, I obviously have no need for it. 

  3. stebow says:

    Yes indeed. That is a great idea!

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