New Home

Well, it’s been almost three months in our new house, new city and new state. We’re doing pretty well and slowly working our way through all of the boxes. All that’s left is some organizing in our bedroom, the basement and the garage. There are a few items missing like Bill’s big cast iron skillet. I imagine it’s in a box in the garage that wasn’t labeled ‘kitchen’. We have set a goal for ourselves: have the garage unpacked enough to be able to park both cars in there before it starts snowing. We’re slowly running out of time.

My sinuses are taking their sweet time acclimating to the dryer climate. For months I have felt like I’m about to get a cold that never follows through. On the second day we arrived, Tommy came down with a mild cold. I wasn’t surprised though, after being uprooted from everything he knows as familiar, then spending two weeks getting used to routine at Grandma and Grandpa’s house only to be relocated once again. I can’t imagine the confusion running through his head. “That’s my crib, and my dresser and my rocking chair, but this doesn’t look like my room!” He has enjoyed helping me unpack as we pull his toys out of boxes. Sometimes he gets really excited and spends a lot of time with a toy he hasn’t played with in a long time.

Where we live is really beautiful. We’re at an elevation of about 4400 feet and have a spectacular view of the mountains from our driveway. We’re only thirty minutes from Park City and lots of big ski resorts. It’s a pity I don’t really like skiing. If anyone would like to visit, there’s a lot of skiing just 30 or so minutes away!

This was our view in August when we first got here:

Bill purchased a new family member for Tommy a few days before we joined him in SLC. We’ve named him Bob and Tommy really loves him. The first moments that we arrived, I pointed Bob out to Tommy and told him to give him a hug. He ran over and fell into him. Now he enjoys sitting with Bob as he drinks some milk. We’ve taken quite a few photos so far.

When we first got here, it was hot… in the upper 90s every day and it didn’t really cool off that much at night. I have a wonderful appreciation for air conditioning now. We also had some really interesting and exciting thunderstorms in August, and only a couple of them produced any rain. I think I saw more lightning a two week span than in the past six years living in Long Beach. Thankfully, Tommy didn’t seemed to notice it too much. One evening, it was beautifully calm and hot. Then within an hour, the wind was gusting and thunder and lightning were all around us. I think it’s going to take me a while before this kind of weather feels normal. As soon as September 1st hit, the hot weather took a dip and it’s been absolutely beautiful ever since. Now that we’re almost done with October, the temps are dropping. Bill said that it’s been consistently in the 40s when he leaves for work.

We did have a random day of rain and snow about two weeks ago. It really surprised me. We woke up to rain and by 11am I glanced outside and is was snowing. We had some pretty heavy snow for about an hour.

When the snow first started falling:

And after about an hour:

A few hours later and all the snow in our yard had melted and this was the view from our driveway looking east:

With the change in the seasons, we’re seeing some beautiful Fall colors too. Here’s what our driveway view looks like now:

We’re planning to spend Thanksgiving with family in Newark (depending on the flights, of course). For Christmas we’re going to stay home and have our first white Christmas. I believe Jackie is planning to fly out for a visit in late January over her birthday.

Random musings about our new state:

– Most restaurants sell what they call “fry sauce” which seems to be a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise. At Sonic, they have it pre-packaged. They love the stuff here in Utah. So far, I’m not a fan.

– Restaurants (mostly diners) also sell something called a scone. It’s absolutely nothing like any scone I’ve ever seen. It’s just Navajo fry bread. I have yet to learn the history of this. At many diners, you can get a scone with your breakfast instead of toast, and it’s almost always served with honey butter. It’s quite yummy!

– There are no motorcycle helmet laws here, so I find it a little unnerving to see many, many riding without helmets.

-I’m a little peeved at the higher price of produce here. I somewhat expected it to be higher since very little is actually grown in Utah. Expensive avocados and watermelon I understand. But what irritates me is why it’s not coming from the US? Here we are entering citrus season and the navel oranges in our markets are from Chile or Australia? Why is this?

– Shopping at Costco on a Sunday is awesome!

I’ll try to get some photos up from Tommy’s birthday party soon. Have a great day!

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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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4 Responses to New Home

  1. christao408 says:

    More than anything, I have to think that that view from your front driveway will never get boring.

  2. stebow says:

    Awesome view of the mountains! Really pretty!

  3. jandsschultz says:

    I agree with Chris, that view must change every day.  All I can say is Wow!   We don’t see California oranges until mid-November and they are still pretty green.  I expect them after Thanksgiving to be the sweet oranges we knew and loved when we lived in CA.  It is a wonder that California produce is really close by and, yet, what is available in the market is shipped in from out of the country.  You may find more locally grown produce as spring and summer roll around.  Washington State and Oregon produce would be available, surely.  There may be some CSAs locally as well.  Glad you’re settling in.  Your parents got a large teddy bear for Jenn, I think, when she was a year old.  She still has it and both Emily and Ava have played with it.  Tommy’s is a bit larger, but should provide many special moments for him.Thanks for sharing.

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