Mommy, do-dah, me, pees

Since Tommy just turned two (I’ll post about his birthday party later) he’s entered an explosion of vocabulary over the past couple of months. When comparing him to the other babies in our little baby group, Tommy has always been a bit behind the ball on speech. Even though he was the first to walk and has always been very vocal, he’s definitely taken to speaking later than the rest. And when I say speaking, I mean actual words that we can understand, not just gibberish.

A few months ago, I started typing out the words in his vocabulary in an effort to get his first 100 words down and into his baby book. I’m sure I’m missing a couple and I ended up going way over 100, but here they are:

dah – truck

bee-dah – big truck (usually a big rig)

dubba-dah – garbage truck or garbage can

doo-dah – tow truck

dump-dah – dump truck

boooo-duh-duh – bull dozer

eh-doo – excavator

wooooooooo – fire truck, police car or ambulance (he just makes a siren sound)

bobby – bus (in Chinese it’s bah-see)

scoo-bah – school bus

dun-dah – bicycle (adaptation of the Chinese word, DAHN-che)

deen-dah – motorcycle (adaptation of the Chinese word, deen-DAHN-che, he sometimes gets the 3rd syllable in there)

gay-gay – airplane (in Chinese it’s fay-gay)

beep-beep – car

ca – another word for car

deen – train

droge – garage

hi – hi

ha-llo – hello

bye or bu-bye – bye

nigh-nigh – night-night!

gooo nigh – good night

lie lie – night light

no – no

yets – yes

haaat – hot

hat – hat

buh-boo – bubble

zshaw – straw (it sounds like there’s a z when he says it)

woah-wuh – sprinkler

goooo – good

now – now

daw-own – down (over exaggerated)

nah-nuh – banana

nah-nuh-tee – banana tree, or any tree with wide flat leaves

nye-nye – milk in Chinese

fawn-fawn – rice in Chinese

ooh-wah – seaweed

meat – meat

bing-bing – ice or snow (ice in Chinese)

goot – juice

deep deep – dip

doo-dah – ice cream

aw-bull – apple

yeh-yeh – oranges (I tried telling him that Bill’s dad loves oranges in an effort that he’d eat more. Instead he just called oranges Yeh-Yehs)

wah-deh – waffle

wah-der – water

dees – cheese

mooon-cah – mooncake

deen – spoon (yes, the same word at train)

dup – cup

baw-baw – bowl

ah-mee – yummy

bow-bow – full tummy in Chinese

bee-bee – any insect or bug bite

ow – ouch

owie – any scratch or cut or pimple or freckle… on anyone

guy-guy – outside in Chinese

wan – one

doo – two

free – three

yeah – shopping cart

DEE-dee – stinky (when he needs a diaper or if he sees garbage)

geen – green

boo – blue

mao – cat in Chinese

wah-wah – bird

raaawr! – lion

ar-ar-ar – dog (kind of a barking sound)

snorting sound – pig

aaaaah – monkey

moooo – cow

moon – moon

ball-ball – ball

gooooo-ball-ball – soccer ball

goooooooo – when he sees soccer on TV

go – go (usually yelled while stopped at a red light)

joos – shoe

doo – pants

boon – balloon

room – room

bone – phone

poh-poh – pick me up or carry me (hug in Chinese, I think)

eye – eye

baa – back

butt – butt

high – light

baht – bath

baht – box (yeah, same as bath)

pei-pei – blanket in Chinese

pees – please

peta peta pees – pretty please

haw-pee – happy

dee-dee – thank you (loose pronunciation of che-che in Chinese)

dah-doo – thank you (another one he says)

wah-gur – yogurt

danny – many

bay-bee – baby

lady – lady (he says “ha-llo lady” to grocery checkers, even the male ones)

me – me (if you ask him his name, he says “me”)

ah-lets – Alex :-/

Mommy – mommy

Daddy – daddy

Ma Ma – Bill’s mom (Grandma in Chinese)

Yeh Yeh – Bill’s dad (Grandpa in Chinese)

Mee-Ma – my mom

Bee-Ba – my dad

un-coo my-cool – Michael

un-coo Ba – Uncle Patrick

un-coo Mar – Uncle Mark

Maah-t – Max

Ga-gee – Jackie

Mi-mi – Melissa

un-coo Gee – Uncle James

ann-den – Aunt Jan

un-coo Owie – Uncle Louie

woah-gun – Logan

dominate – Dominic

un-coo Vu – Uncle Vu

Mawl-mo – Elmo

Bee-berr – Big Bird

Addy – Abby Cadabby

It’s been funny learning some Chinese words from my son. And in Chinese, most words are repeated twice when talking to babies and kids. Hence, fan-fan or nye-nye. We love hearing him put sentences together and seeing looks of utter confusion from strangers. A couple of times I have explained that bing-bing is ice in Chinese, but it’s just too much work to translate everything he says.

He still says a lot of words that we have no idea what he means. Some he repeats over and over, so he obviously means something by these words. He’s just waiting for us to figure out more of his language. He tries to count things he sees and can sort-of count to four. He also tries to sing Happy Birthday whenever he sees a candle, the only discernible word in the song is happy. It’s funny how insistent he can be with some of his own words. Bus for example. He says school bus, but a regular bus is a bobby. He’s old enough to form the word “truck,” but insists on saying “dah” instead.

I have to say, I am LOVING this age. Yes, he’s almost constantly testing boundaries and shows frustration when he doesn’t get his way, or is tired of over-stimulated. And I try really hard not to laugh when he throws silly temper tantrums… but it’s such an amazing age of discovery and learning.


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3 Responses to Mommy, do-dah, me, pees

  1. stebow says:

    Yes indeed. He is learning so much in such a short time. I have always been amazed by kids this age. And so incredibly cute!!!!

  2. christao408 says:

    Well, airplanes are pretty gay-gay.  LOL

  3. jandsschultz says:

    So much to learn.  The world is a constant barrage of information and experiences.  He is learning quickly.  I’m so glad you have an opportunity to be with him more.

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