Newark in May, 2012

The week prior to our trip to New York, Tommy and I spent in Newark, hanging out with family and friends. On Saturday, May 5th, I attended the giant 100th Birthday celebration put on by the Girl Scouts of Northern California at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. I have photos from that day that I will post later on. Here are some photos from Tommy’s and my stay in Newark that week.

Helping Yeh-Yeh mow the lawn. He thought this was really fun.

Showing off a newly discovered talent.

We had hoped to spend more time with Kristen, Logan and Dominic, but Logan had an ear infection, pink eye and a fever (poor guy!). So we didn’t want to share too many germs. Once Logan was feeling better, we were able to spend one afternoon at the playground at the Newark Community Center. Some of these photos are really special to me because this is the same playground where Bill and I both played when we attended preschool.

This yellow and green thing is a giant cement caterpillar and it has been around forever. I remember climbing on it when I was a kid. I don’t remember it being this brightly colored though.

Off on an adventure to look for big pine cones.

Best friends!

Here Tommy is showing Logan his “Logan’s Tooth.” The first of Tommy’s 2-year molars has arrived. Around the same time it came in, Logan lost a tooth (I think he’s missing 3 in the front). Tommy had a hard time understanding that people lose teeth. Then one day he seemed to get it and claimed that he now has the tooth that Logan lost.

It’s that one, Mommy!

This rock thing was also around when I was a kid. It has a couple of small caves too.

Bill’s mom joined us too.

Big boy!!

One morning Uncle Pat came and picked us up for some playtime with Max. We went to Shinn Pond that’s out in the Niles District of Fremont. One section is a dog park so we had fun throwing tennis balls into the water for Max to fetch. One of Patrick’s friends brought her dog Zero as well. Zero is still a bit of a puppy so this was somewhat a swim lesson for her. Max is a pro in the water, but Zero never went further than her shoulders in the water. She’s still learning.

Tommy loved throwing the ball for Max. We also had a view of the BART tracks in the distance, so Tommy let us know whenever a train went by.

Splashing around in the water with his shoes on was also quite fun.

A good time was had by all.



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One Response to Newark in May, 2012

  1. stebow says:

    Great blog Alex. Yes brings back memories for me too. You guys loved that park!

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