Kari’s Baby Shower

My gorgeous cousin Kari is expecting her first baby next month and I was honored to get to work with my Aunt Pat and cousin Kelly on a little bit of the baby shower. Kari and Nathan have decided to let their baby’s gender be a surprise, so Pat wanted to do a very neutral color scheme (for the record, I think she’s having a girl). 

My favorite part was that I was able to fly to Seattle to be there for the shower. Kari had no idea that Kelly or I were even in town.

I customized the Feather the Nest baby shower invitation that’s in my Etsy shop for the occasion, changing the wording to reflect that this was a surprise baby shower.
Another really wonderful thing Pat and Kelly did was print out a “Wishes For Baby” card for each person who received an invitation along with a note asking them to fill it out and mail it back. This way, even if that person couldn’t make it to the baby shower, they could contribute a little bit. The end result was quite a thick stack of beautiful wishes for Kari and Nathan to read through.
In case you can’t see the words, here’s what it says:
I hope you learn… 
I hope you aren’t afraid…
I hope you love…
I hope you get…
I hope you laugh…
I hope you never forget…
I hope you ignore…
I hope you become…
I hope you respect…
I hope you grow…
I wish I had taken a picture of the stack of cards that Kelly bound with ribbon and gave to Kari, there had to be 30 to 40 of them.
Kari’s cousin, Amy took many of these great photos and was gracious enough to share.
  She’s almost here!
Please pardon the lens flare. The light behind Kari was brighter than my camera could handle.
Pat and Kelly really took the theme and had a blast with it. There were little birdie and nest touches everywhere in the house. From little painted birdhouses to little nests with eggs inside and vintage birdcages.
They even found some little birdie onesies to display.
Enjoying sharing stories and giving fun parenting advice to Kari. 
There was a very impressive spread of food for everyone. Aunt Pat, Uncle Carl and Kelly did a great job.
Aunt Pat says this was the first diaper cake she’s ever made… I’m skeptical.
Opening our prizes for winning various games. I won the “guess how many squares of toilet paper measure the circumference of Kari’s belly” game. I guessed 11. It was 11.5!
Opening presents!!
Nathan sportin’ his Diaper Dude diaper bag (yes, that’s a brand name).
Some happy tears were shed by all when Kari read aloud the “Wishes for Baby” that Grandpa Tebow sent.
Awesome story about this fun photo… 
Nathan took this absolutely stunning photo of Kari in Cannon Beach and submitted it to Toshiba Vision. (http://www.yourfaceontoshibavision.com/
It received enough votes to get to spend a week up on Toshiba’s giant screen in Times Square in New York City, shown for a few seconds every ten minutes or so. Kari’s brother, Brad works in Times Square, so he was able to snap a photo of the screen when Kari and Nathan’s photo was displayed. Such a wonderful keepsake!
After everyone had left, Kari asked me to photograph her, Kelly and Pat. 
This one cracks me up though… I was just metering the light:
After the shower was done, Bill and Tommy came to the house (after Tommy’s nap) and Tommy got to eat a yummy cupcake. He was a happy boy.
The food was amazing and it was wonderful getting to meet a few of Kari’s friends, co-workers, and extended family. I can’t wait to meet the new baby when he/she arrives.

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  1. christao408 says:

    Looks like a fantastic shower! Great job on the invitations, etc.

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