Have Passport Will Travel

We got Tommy’s passport this week. We have been discussing traveling to Hong Kong and China since the beginning of the year and we took a little longer than we should have getting an application in for Tommy. We wanted to travel in October when the weather is supposed to nice. 

Back in July when we set about taking a passport photo, it proved to be very entertaining. Here are some of the photos that didn’t make it:
Such a goofball.
Bill and I went back and forth on what he should wear in the photo. We tried a couple of shirts with the gingham collared shirt and striped tie winning out.
We’re thinking of flying to Hong Kong a few days after Tommy’s birthday next month and staying for about two weeks. Assuming we can all get visas to go into China, we plan to visit with some of Bill’s family. He has family in Hong Kong, Macao and on mainland China. I don’t think we will be staying in any hotels.

We are also talking about spending a few days on the island of Hainan where Bill’s mom is from. From what I have learned about it so far, it’s an island full of resorts and beaches. It’s latitude is almost even with Hawaii, so the weather is very similar. Bill jokes that visiting Hainan will be the “vacation” part of the trip. 

I’ll update with more details about the trip as we make some. 

 He’s ready to go!

About wobetxela

Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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4 Responses to Have Passport Will Travel

  1. stebow says:

    Awesome!!! Love the passport shots. So right, he is a goofball!

  2. christao408 says:

    He looks ready to work with the shirt and tie!

  3. jackietebow says:

    Awesome…I love the pictures. 

  4. jandsschultz says:

    Goofy or not, you have one handsome son.  I can’t believe he’s almost three.  You’ll have a very interesting trip.

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