SoCal Trip – Part 4

The morning after our Mamas Night Out, Tommy woke up at 7am. When I saw the time, I instantly felt hungover… and I didn’t even drink. It was simply the realization of how few hours I slept. I know he wasn’t the first one up, so I can’t even imagine how the mamas who drank were feeling. 

Behold, the powers of the iPad on toddlers!

As soon as everyone was up and feeling as refreshed as they were going to feel, we packed up the cars and headed north toward Santa Monica. We walked around the Santa Monica Pier and oohed and aahed the gorgeous day. 

It took Eric a few minutes to get comfortable on his mommy’s back.


We had lunch at Santa Monica Pier Seafood where Tommy enjoyed a plate of deep fried cod, scallops, clams and shrimp. He loved the cod, scallops and clams but he wasn’t a big fan of the shrimp. 

Gia checking out the fresh fish and crustaceans.

I think Gia liked her corndog!

The guys working at Santa Monica Pier Seafood place gave Danica incorrect information as to whether their corn dog batter had eggs in it. J is very allergic and had already taken a bite when she was told that there were indeed eggs in the batter. We kept a close watch on J as Jackie hit up the first-aid station to see if they had any Benadryl. 

Despite Jackie telling them that is wasn’t an emergency, a fire truck and ambulance showed up anyway. Tommy and Nathan thought it was pretty awesome. As the paramedics were leaving, they gave J a glove balloon that managed to make it through the whole day without popping or getting lost. An adventurous start to the day!

We all walked around the pier taking in the beautiful day. 

At one point we stopped to watch a caricature artist drawing a young woman when we noticed that there was a speech bubble that said “Will you marry me?” Naturally we HAD to stop and see this pan out. We made some loud comments about how we were going to hire the guy next and how much it would be to get drawings of all of the kids, etc. Meanwhile Danica was snapping photos. When the drawing was finished the woman got to see it. Her man gave her a ring and suddenly there was a lot of clapping and cheering. Such a creative and romantic way to propose! Danica (being the professional) gave them a business card and promised to share the photos when she got home. You can see the photos she took here on her website.


At the end of the pier was saw some fishermen reel in a large shark. Someone’s going to have some yummy steak for dinner! 



Danica picked up some street vendor art for her son’s room. I picked up some postcards to mail to friends and family.


Tommy started to fall asleep on me and I transferred him over to Auntie Jackie. Jackie and I chilled on a bench and watched the ocean while everyone else rode the ferris wheel. As Tommy is getting older, we get fewer and fewer opportunities to snuggle with him like this. Jackie is trying to get as many as she can. 

Hi J!

From the ferris wheel…


Gia snuggling with her Nana.


Views from the top.


Nathan, WHERE do you think you’re going?!?!



All of us in attendance for the Santa Monica Pier… minus Gia and her Nana. They were off somewhere else.


I don’t think Gia want’s to walk anymore…

We headed back to the house in Manhattan Beach and then went right back out again to the Manhattan Beach Pier to watch the sunset and take photos. 


It didn’t disappoint.


Jackie and Tommy ran around like crazy and Tommy got totally SOAKED and covered in sand. I was thankful I thought to bring a change of clothes for him.

The Manhattan Beach Pier has such a quieter vibe than Santa Monica. I really love it. I think I’d like to own a house here someday… you know, when I win the lottery.


We weren’t able to get everyone in the photo before the sun disappeared, but we got a decent photo anyway. 

As we walked back toward the cars, we all stopped as Wahoo’s Fish Tacos for some takeout. We all enjoyed dinner back at the house. With that many kids and grownups eating all at once, it was chaos. After dinner there was a group bath with a few of the kiddies. A few photos were taken, but they will not be shown in a public forum… trust me, they’re adorable! 


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4 Responses to SoCal Trip – Part 4

  1. stebow says:

    Love these photos!Looks like all had a wonderful time!

  2. christao408 says:

    Photos turned out nicely, Alex.

  3. jandsschultz says:

    What fun all of you had.  These children are growing so fast.  Thanks for sharing, Alex.  

  4. jackietebow says:

    Such a fun day. Thanks for letting me hang around. 

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