China Trip – Part 7


This morning we all slept in a little bit and met Uncle at the hotel restaurant for their free breakfast buffet. At a big resort like this I was really surprised they had a free breakfast, let alone a buffet. Either way, it was pretty good. They excelled on the pastries and little luxuries like cooked-to-order eggs and fresh pancakes. Funny enough a lot of the Chinese food items were lack luster. One nice surprise were the chocolate-filled croissants (pain du chocolat). They were really good, almost as good as ones I’ve had in France. 

At breakfast, Tommy started showing signs of a cold; sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose and some tiredness that didn’t match up with how well he slept. We gave him lots of hot soup and orange juice and headed back to the hotel room so he could nap… fingers crossed it didn’t turn him into a whiny boy for the rest of the week.

While he was napping, Laikwan and I hit up the resort’s spa and each had a one hour massage. Wonderful!

After we were both done at the spa, Tommy was almost ready to wake up from his nap. We changed into our swimsuits and headed to the beach. The weather was beautiful and warm and the water was warm as well. The waves were calm and we had a blast.


He loved swinging in the air and trying to “jump” over the waves.


After about twenty minutes of playing in the amazing water, Tommy said he was done at the beach and wanted to go swimming in the pool. I could have happily spent more time playing in the waves. It was only a short walk to the pool. So we grabbed our stuff, rinsed the sand off our feet and relocation to the pool area. This resort has a few pools, most with pretty shallow water, so Tommy could play in any of them.


One had a couple of basketball hoops and a volleyball to play with. Tommy thought throwing the ball into the hoop from the water was the coolest thing ever!

He was getting really good at jumping into the water!

Big blue Tommy burrito!

We met up with Uncle and the guy who works for Ga-Ling for dinner. We actually went back to the same place where we had dinner the night before. This time we got there a little earlier and were able to take some photos of the place before it was completely dark.

Family-style tables dotted all along the edge of the water where there were also little “docks” where boats could come up and drop off their catch.

The meal was just as amazing with a few of the same dishes as before.

Whole steamed fish (caught that morning!)

We also had the fried lamb short ribs, vermicelli noodles with dried shrimp and clam soup… I was very happy to eat the lamb again.

New dishes included battered and deep friend octopus (very tender and delicious!)

Stir fried squid

Stir fried crab with green onions and ginger

Whole, steamed little crabs (a lot of work for so little meat, but tasty anyway)

Mustard greens

The stir fried crab was my favorite from this meal (the lamb too).

We also had a few steamed sea snails.

I’m not sure if they were technically sea snails or perhaps related to the conch or another kind of mollusk, but they were pretty stubborn on coming out of their shells. The taste was bitter and very gritty to me, and not at all good. Maybe it’s an acquired taste. I’m sure if it was all I had to eat, I’d get used to it.

Tommy tasting the hot tea. The variety they served was too bitter for my taste. Tommy said he liked it, but didn’t want another sip.

After dinner we bid adieu to Uncle as he was driving back to his home in Haikou that evening. Tommy really took a liking to him and gave him an extra long hug.

The guy who works for Ga-Ling was happy to drive us back to the indoor shopping mall that’s on the way back to the resort. Tommy got to play at the kids play area for a little bit while Bill and I got to play on Segways again. We tried to get Laikwan to try one, but she was quick to say, no way!

GIANT sandbox!

After a little while, we needed to find a restroom to get Tommy’s diaper changed when we realized we’d forgotten to bring wipes with us. There was a small supermarket in that mall, so Laikwan, Tommy and I set out in search of wipes while Bill continued to play with his Segway.

It started to rain a little bit as we got back to Bill and his Segway. Within a couple of minutes it was pouring and it was kind of funny watching the employees get all of the Segways and other mechanical toys under some shelter.

While we were waiting for our ride, one of the employees took Tommy for a ride on the Segway in the small area under the overhang. The look on his face was sheer joy!

After lowering the handlebar.

Bill caught some video too.

Segway Ride 2 from Alexandra Wong on Vimeo.

Segway Ride 1 from Alexandra Wong on Vimeo.

Side note… after Tommy had a nap and we went swimming, all signs of his cold disappeared. Perhaps a swim in the ocean did the trick. Mother Nature’s neti pot?

We headed back to the hotel and headed to bed for the last time in Hainan.


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  1. christao408 says:

    I wonder if the cold wasn’t possibly an allergy?

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