China Trip – Part 9


We took our time getting going this morning, being our first full day in Hong Kong. We walked to the MTR station and and met up with one of Bill’s cousins, Patrick and his wife. We picked up a taxi and headed to the top of Victoria Peak for lunch. Aside from the beautiful panoramic views of Hong Kong, there is also a shopping mall and a few restaurants. Patrick’s sister Samantha, and her boyfriend met us there and we had a fantastic lunch at Cafe Deco. The food was a very eclectic mix of American, British, Indian, Italian and some random styles thrown in. Near our table they actually had three Tandoor ovens and were making fresh naan and random meat dishes.

For an appetizer, we shared a dish that was a large piece of naan with cream cheese and cold smoked salmon. Then a few dollops of pesto sauce were added on top. It was really delicious, but the fun surprise was how much Tommy loved it. I wasn’t sure if he’d dig the texture of the salmon, but he gobbled it up and asked for more… and then was upset when it was all gone.

The group of us shared a wide variety of plates including of fish and chips:

A yummy salad:

A curried lamb dish:

There was also a linguine dish, pizza, steak, and some sort of sushi roll. Bill and I were both quite impressed with now good everything was. It was clearly a restaurant that caters to tourists, but to have such a big variety of dishes and for all of them to be really good was a big surprise.

We walked around the visitor center a bit where they have an old Peak Tram car that we can walk around in.

It was really windy!


He was trying to make a funny face…

Looking back at the observation deck:

We walked along a paved path that was shrouded in trees until we came to one of a handful of gaps that allowed us to see Hong Kong harbor from that altitude. I have seen postcards before, but to see it in person was really amazing. And it wasn’t even a very clear day, it was quite hazy.

A pretty view looking the other direction:

After getting the photos we wanted Tommy was fading so we headed back down the mountain. The line for the tram was really long, so we opted to take a taxi again.

Rather than take a taxi all the way back to the hotel, we took a taxi to the ferry building and rode the ferry from Hong Kong Island across the harbor to Kowloon. It’s a short ride, but it’s really beautiful… and only about fifty cents US. The breeze on the water felt wonderful on such a muggy day. If the ride had been much longer, the rocking motion of the boat would have put Tommy to sleep.

Watching the dock workers:

We took a taxi back to the hotel and Tommy was asleep within minutes of leaving the ferry building. I got him changed and into bed and he never woke up. We had to wake him up a bit early for dinner… and we were still really late. We met up with Laikwan’s old boss when she lived in Hong Kong at a nice Cantonese banquet-style restaurant. Also there were his daughter and her husband, a former co-worker of Laikwan’s and Laikwan’s sister. Laikwan arrived to the restaurant before us and explained that Tommy was still napping and made sure they didn’t wait for us to eat. We ended up being about an hour late. I felt bad, but such is the life when the kid needs a nap.

Dinner was delicious with dishes of chicken, abalone with mushrooms, soup, fresh steamed fish, sausage with veggies, and scallops.

In the lobby of the restaurant they had tanks of fresh seafood including the normal crab, lobsters, shrimp and cod. But here they also had a large tank with a bunch of grouper trying to swim around. A couple of them were bigger than Tommy!

After dinner, Laikwan headed back with her sister while Bill, Tommy and I boarded the MTR back in the direction of our hotel. We got off at a stop past ours to check out the Ladies Market.

The Ladies Market is a large, open-air market where vendors sell knock-off designer clothes, bags and jewelry along with souvenirs, and other random knick knacks. The handbags and purses really cracked me up. For Coach knock offs, they used a G instead of a C in the pattern. For Louis Vuitton knock offs, the logo was a V and a W instead of the classic L & V logo. It was crowded and hot, but a lot of fun.

For Tommy we picked up a Manchester United jersey & shorts for Tommy (not officially licensed product) and a Ferrari racing t-shirt (ditto). For myself, we picked up a “Jimmy Choo” purse and tote bag. Bill joked that it’s very possible that both purses will disintegrate if they get wet. We shall see.

We also walked around the regular stores that are in the Mong Kok area. An Adidas shop sold some unique items that neither of us had ever seen before.

Like an Adidas high heel??

Or these crazy shoes that retailed for $500 to $600 US. The scary thing is we actually saw two people wearing the teddy bear shoes!

So far I am loving Hong Kong. It has a vibe very similar to New York City, but still different. The MTR is really easy to figure out and is super clean. Thankfully I was warned about the sheer number of people who live here.

The sidewalks are crowded enough that both Bill and I are most comfortable wearing Tommy in the baby carrier than letting him walk. At his ripe old age of three, he’s developed a tendency to wander off or suddenly take off running in the direction of something he wants to climb on or play with. If he is walking and doesn’t want to hold your hand, he will just sit down… even if it’s in the middle of the street. His ability to sense danger and self preservation is still not quite there. It a frustrating thing we’re working on, so for this trip, he’s strapped to our backs. Given how heavy he is, a stroller would be nice, but also a pain in the butt when navigating a crowded sidewalk or the MTR. Thankfully, this part of the trip is the only time we have really felt we needed it.


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  1. christao408 says:

    Cafe Deco was a favorite of mine when I lived in Hong Kong and I make it a point to get back there every few visits or so.

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