Super Moon

On Saturday night, it was beautifully clear, so Tommy and I walked to an elementary school about two blocks away to wait for the moon to rise over the mountains.

According to the web, moonrise was supposed to be at 8:20pm, but I didn’t know if that accounted for the mountains or not. Apparently not. After a while, we walked home and got Tommy ready for bed.

Around 9:30 I saw the glow of the moon peeking out so I walked back to the school and set up my tripod and zoom lens. I am pretty happy with the photos I got.

Last night was the true super moon and the moon at its fullest for this lunar cycle. It had been a bit cloudy all day so I wasn’t sure if I would have an unobstructed view.

Moonrise was supposed to be just after 9pm, so around 10pm I started watching for the glow of the moon.

Rather than walk to the school, I just parked myself on the sidewalk in front of my neighbor’s house, away from bright street lights and watched the moon rise over the mountains.

It was very beautiful.

There were some wispy clouds at times, but I was once again happy with the few shots I got.

Given my current emotional frustration with infertility, I couldn’t help be be in awe of the beautiful moon. I thought about pre-Christian religions and how many of them have a god or goddess for the moon and fertility. I wondered how many women in the world were dancing under this gorgeous full moon. How many were in labor and looking to the moon for strength? How many women were praying to the moon for a healthy baby? How many were simply looking to the full moon for spiritual peace and well-being?

I know I had a few prayers of my own.


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