Homemade Pot Stickers

Years ago, when Bill and I were dating, we often snacked on pot stickers that his aunt made from scratch. Her delicious pot stickers were famous within his family and are probably some of the best I have ever tasted.

Cut to earlier this fall, I asked Bill if she still made them from time to time. He realized that it had been a really long time so a few phone calls were made and when Bill told her I was interested in helping and learning how to make them, she agreed.

The day after Christmas we spent the afternoon at Bill’s aunt’s house. She’s Laikwan’s younger sister and the youngest in the family so we all call her Sai-yee which means little sister.

The deliciousness of Sai-yee’s pot stickers is famous among friends and family members, so when word got out she was making some, a couple of Bill’s cousins and a friend all showed up to “help.”

When we arrived at Sai-yee’s house, she was finishing up the filling. The mixture included ground pork, ground turkey, chopped fish, diced Napa cabbage, diced Chinese chives and a lot of minced, fresh ginger. I have no idea what the proportions were and I’m almost certain it was all done by sight and feel and not exactly measured.

Even when she started adding other ingredients, including soy sauce, white pepper, corn starch and sesame oil, it was all done in the palm of her hand.

Next we worked on the dough for the wrappers. I had always thought that pot sticker wrappers were made with a rice flour dough, but Sai-yee’s aren’t. Using her bread machine, she mixes up all purpose flour, water and salt until “it’s done.” And that’s it.

The real trick when it comes to pot sticker dough is rolling it as thin as possible. Pieces were rolled, tossed in flour and cut to size, then rolled flat in a process that Sai-yee was obviously a pro at.

Here’s a video I shot of her:

Rolling Out Pot Sticker Dough from Alexandra Wong on Vimeo.

Bill tried his hand at it and so did one of his cousins, but Sai-yee’s were the thinnest and most uniform.

We all sat around the table filling the post stickers and doing our best to seal them. Bill’s mom made the prettiest ones, she’s obviously done this many times.

Laikwan made the one on the far right, Bill made the one in the middle, mine is on the left.

Yeah, I didn’t make very many, knowing they would probably be the ones that ended up opening up while cooking.

Even Tommy helped make a few.

Once a few dozen were made, Laikwan started cooking some and we all started eating while we continued to make more and more.

This plate shows the nice, pretty ones Laikwan made next to the few Tommy made. One ended up more like a pizza.

They all tasted delicious!

After we left to get Tommy down for a nap, Sai-yee and a few others continued to make more and more pot stickers. Eventually, enough were made and frozen that we were all able to take a bag home with us. We are thoroughly enjoying them!


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