Spring… er, Summer is here!

One thing I forgot about Utah, we don’t really have much in the way of spring. It goes from cold and snowy to cold and rainy. Then the temperature starts to rise with maybe a handful of glorious days with temps in the 60s and 70s where the tulips and daffodils bloom. Then we’re thrown into summer and temps in the 80s and 90s with little warning and we are left wondering where spring went.

Of course I had a baby in April, so that may have caused me to miss a few days of spring, if there were any.

Matthew was born on Easter Sunday after a day of what I thought was off-and-on false labor that turned into a bit of baby-is-coming-right-now craziness. I have written out his birth story and it’s been published on Mama Say What?! for the world (or anyone who’s interested) to read.

I am a sucker for reading birth stories. I love reading about the details of how contractions felt, what went through Mom’s mind at different times, her emotions after her baby was born, and how she’s processing the experience afterward. It doesn’t matter if the mom does it drug-free, with pain medication, or has a c-section, I love to read the gory details. It constantly amazes me how every mom’s experience with childbirth usually ends with the same result, (a baby!) yet every experience is different.

I can’t even begin to express how much I loved the whole pregnancy and birth experience with a midwife and a birth center vs. an OB and hospital. I know it’s not for everyone, but it was really wonderful. I truly felt cared for and that the health of my baby and myself were the most important things… not what is standard procedure even if it goes against medical evidence (yes, it happens!), not the convenience of a doctor, not the wishes of an insurance company. It made my birth experience even more empowering to know this.

A lot of these photos were taken by Ginger of Earthside Birth Photography. I met Ginger when we first moved to Utah and she was just starting her photography gig. Birth photography is becoming more and more popular and I love how it’s showing the world that childbirth isn’t at all like it’s shown in the movies.

I adore the photos we got when Tommy was born and I knew I wanted to hire Ginger even before I got pregnant. Even though she missed Matthew’s birth by just a few minutes (entirely my fault too), I still love the photos she did get. And then, because I had to transfer to the hospital thanks to a postpartum hemorrhage, she made arrangements with my birth center to let us take an herbal bath in their big bathtub after we got home and take some more photos. It was so lovely.

Matthew has been fantastic as a newborn. He does all the usual newborn stuff: eats, sleeps, poops, and cries on occasion. He’s growing like a weed, gaining over four pounds in six weeks, despite a frustrating battle with newborn jaundice for the first few weeks. He loves to snuggle, hates having a wet diaper (Tommy didn’t really care) and likes to sit up and look around at the world. While he’s nowhere close to sleeping through the night, he does give me three-to-four hour chunks of sleep each night, waking to nurse and then going right back to sleep again. I can’t complain.

At six weeks old, Matthew is smiling a lot… something I don’t remember Tommy doing until closer to twelve weeks. He’s getting better at napping in the swing or the Rock n Play Sleeper instead of in my arms and isn’t nearly as opposed to sleeping on his back as Tommy was.

taken this morning

Tommy has taken on his role as big brother wonderfully. He’s still unsure what the boundaries are when it comes to holding Matthew and struggles a bit when he wants me and I have to feed Matthew. He is also still learning that when Matthew is asleep, please don’t wake him. I have a feeling that’s going to be a lesson that is never really learned.

I am really looking forward to Matthew’s first flights next weekend as we fly to the Bay Area for Patrick and Melissa’s wedding. Bill and I agreed that we’re going to fly to through Long Beach so Matthew’s first flight is on jetBlue instead of Southwest. A little silly, but loyalty runs pretty strong for us.

Right now my goals are to take more photos with my camera and not my phone. I know I will be frustrated with myself assembling Matthew’s baby book with only cell phone photos.


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