Hike 5: Zion National Park

Hike 5
3 miles total
Zion National Park (Weeping Rock and Emerald Pools)

This weekend we had planned to fly to the Bay Area for my niece’s first birthday, but flights were incredibly full, so we chose to stay home. My husband had taken Friday and Monday off already so we chose to drive down to southern Utah on a whim after Tommy got out of school with plans to spend a day at Zion and then Bryce Canyon National Parks. We got a hotel room in St George and on Saturday morning we drove into Zion National Park. I’d never been to Zion before, but it’s been on my bucket list for a long, long time. It did not disappoint!!

Because we were there in the off season, we were able to drive from place to place. From around April thru October, cars are restricted and the park runs a free shuttle. It was nice to be able to drive ourselves.

Unfortunately, the whining started from Tommy before we even got to the main entrance to Zion and it stuck around pretty much all day, even though he had a blast exploring the spots we stopped and played.

Weeping Rock

This was pretty rad. Water seeps thru porous sandstone but can’t soak thru the slate layer underneath, so the water “weeps” out of the rock. It was one of the most unique rock features I’ve ever seen. The hike itself was short, paved and easy. It was a little slippery at the top where the ground was wet, but totally doable with Matthew on my back.

Emerald Pools

This was so beautiful! There are three levels of Emerald Pools. The lower pools are the easiest to hike to with the trail mostly paved. Once you walk under the waterfalls, the path gets a little muddy and slippery, but it’s still very passable. Beyond that you can climb rock stairs thru a tiny canyon and ascend to the Middle Emerald Pools, which feed the waterfalls you just walked under. There are chains in place to remind hikers to not come too close to the edge.

We had a blast exploring these places and hopping over the small streams that fed into the pools. I felt like a kid at a carnival.

If my kids had been less whiny, we would have continued to hike on to the upper Emerald Pools and then on to The Grotto. From there I had wanted to do the Riverside Walk at the Temple of Sinawava and then see the beginning of The Narrows. They were both hungry and tired and I deeply wished we had thought to bring a picnic lunch with us into the park. Maybe we could have explored more. Their crankiness in the car led us to skip going to Bryce Canyon on Sunday and instead, venture down to Las Vegas for a night. I am not ashamed to admit that I was sorely disappointed in my boys.

My husband and I decided we would try to visit Bryce Canyon again another weekend before summer gets here and the heat and crowds get a little crazy. And we will go back to Zion another time, maybe in the fall to see the foliage too.


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