Hike 8: Bell Canyon Reservoir

Hike 8
2.2 miles
Bell Canyon Trail

This morning I met up with Dineo and Janet for a Hike it Baby hike to Bell Canyon Reservoir. The trailhead is right at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon and veers off into Bell Canyon, which is smaller. I want to hike further into Bell Canyon later this year to hopefully reach the upper falls. It’s a much more strenuous hike and one I’ve been hesitant to try with Matthew on my back. Maybe with the right group of moms we can get there.

We weren’t sure what the condition of the trail would be this morning given that we got some rain and a dusting of snow last night. I brought my YakTrax just in case. But the trail turned out to be perfect, just a little mud in a few spots. No snow and just a couple of spots where a puddle had iced over.

Gear Related: I’ve been on the hunt for some new hiking boots. I’ve never been a fan of high-top boots, they have always been uncomfortable on my tree-trunk ankles. Last summer I hiked in my Asics running shoes and they did alright, but I know as Matthew gets heavier, I’ll need a shoe with more support. For this hike, I needed something waterproof, so I wore my husband’s Merrill shoes. Yes, my husband and I wear the same size. They were comfy, but definitely broken in for his feet. My brother works for Sports Basement and he has some recommendations for me to try next time I see him.

Today I also tried out a new molle pouch that attached to the waistband of my baby carrier to hold my water bottle, phone and a few snacks. It worked out really well and was more comfortable than my fanny pack. As much as I love my fanny pack, it puts a lot of pressure around my hips and stomach when combined with the baby carrier. I’m sure I will still need it for longer hikes where I need to bring more water, snacks and a diaper or two.

View from the parking lot.

It was chilly (in the mid 40s), but the sun came out just as we got started and it turned into a really gorgeous hike.

Looking toward Little Cottonwood Canyon

The reservoir is quite low right now. Tommy and I hiked here on Mother’s Day last May and there was no beach whatsoever. There’s plenty right now. Hopefully the water level will rise as the snow melts and we head into some spring rain.

Matthew thought the geese were awesome!

Sitting on a big rock was apparently really awesome too.

Looking out at the Salt Lake Valley toward South Jordan, Riverton and Sandy.

Someone was getting sleepy on the walk back to the car!

Lillebaby All Seasons Baby Carrier
Rothko Molle Water Bottle Pouch
5.11 Taclite Pro Women’s Cargo Pants (cuz I need pockets!)
Merrill Men’s Moab Waterproof Hiking Shoe
YakTrax Traction Cleats for Shoes (I didn’t need them, but they were nice to have)

This post contains affiliate links. Click and purchasing through these links helps put food on the table for my family and fuels my baby carrier addiction. Thanks!!


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