Hike 9: Ferguson Canyon

Hike 9
1.8 miles
Ferguson Canyon

This morning we explored a small canyon that I’d never heard of until my husband sent me this article:
10 Perfect Hikes for Kids in Utah. Ferguson Canyon is listed and it’s pretty close to home, sitting just south of Big Cottonwood Canyon along the Wasatch Front. Through Hike it Baby, I joined Dineo, Bailey and Janet along with their kiddos. Later in the hike a new-to-me mom, Kristen caught up with us. This is one of a few canyons where dogs are welcome off-leash, so Janet brought her dog Louie and Kristen brought her dog Morpheus.

Gear Related: Many thanks to my brother for his recommendation on my new hiking boots, a nifty pair of Sugarpine boots from Ahnu. I had been hiking in running shoes last summer and they just weren’t cutting it. Plus they weren’t even close to being waterproof! When I told him I didn’t want high-top and why, he shook his head and reminded me that hiking boots have come a LONG way since the ones I wore as a teenager. Alas, he’s right. These boots are so lightweight and comfortable. I foresee many, many hikes with them.

Back to the hike. The parking lot is small and apparently, it fills up easily on the weekends, so this is a hike we may reserve for weekdays this summer.

It had snowed the day before, so sections of the trail were wet and muddy, but once we got inside the canyon, the snow was dry and packed down well. I brought my YakTrax, but didn’t need them at all. The muddy sections offered a panoramic view of the Salt Lake Valley though. In between storms and it was a really beautiful day!

Thanks, Louie for stopping to pose for the photo!

The end of the canyon had some pretty granite cliffs and a stream trickling through the center. We all pretty much agreed that we’d need to come back here in the summer with the kids so they can play in the stream. Since this canyon isn’t part of the watershed, we can play in the water. Hopefully, fellow hikers with their dogs off-leash will be courteous with their dogs.

Definitely a hike we will do again!

Lillebaby All Seasons Baby Carrier
Rothko Molle Water Bottle Pouch
5.11 Tactical Women’s Stryke Pants (cuz I need pockets!)
Ahnu Sugarpine Waterproof Hiking Boots
YakTrack Traction Cleats for Shoes (didn’t need them!)

This post contains affiliate links. Click and purchasing through these links helps put food on the table for my family and fuels my baby carrier addiction. Thanks!!

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