Hike 11: Ukraina Trail / Garin Park

Hike 11
3 miles
Ukrania Trail

My oldest son and I hiked this afternoon into Garin Park while my youngest napped to look for a spot to hide our first geocache. It’s rare to get to hike with my six year old these days. Usually, he gets bored within a hundred feet of a hike, even if there’s a waterfall at the end. To get him to go on a hike there is usually a bribe that involves either Legos or going out to sushi. Geocaching has been a way for me to get him a little more interested, but it’s still a struggle, especially when we have to hike a bit to get to a geocache. The planets have to be perfectly aligned with him being fed, rested, and interested for it to actually be an enjoyable hike for both of us. And within the last year or so, one requirement for that great-hike-with-no-whining is for another adult to be hiking with us. If my brother is with us, or my dad, or a few local Hike it Baby moms, then it can be a fun hike. But apparently I’m just not interesting enough. 😛

On this rare day of hiking without whining, we had a mission to find a spot to hide our geocache. My longtime friend Leah lives within Garin Park and we stopped at her house to play for a bit and then she and her two boys joined us on our search for a good hiding spot.

It was a gorgeous day at this lesser-known part of Garin Park.

We stopped at a bench that has a panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay Area too. It’s a lovely spot and worth the 1.5 mile walk to get to it.


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