Hike 13: Purisma Creek Redwoods Open Space

Hike 13
6 miles
Purisma Creek Redwoods Open Space

My brother Patrick and his wife Melissa, are outdoorsy and active folks and while Melissa (Matthew calls her Mimi) is in her 3rd trimester of her first pregnancy, she has had to cut back on running. So they go hiking and have explored a lot of the beautiful trails in the Bay Area. This morning we set out toward Half Moon Bay with just Matthew (Tommy opted out of this hike, which was probably a good thing).

It was a foggy, drizzly day and we were rained on more than a few times on this six-mile hike among some beautiful redwoods. Parts of the trail were pretty muddy and parts were pretty steep, but we made it and had a great time.

My brother wore Matthew for the beginning of the hike, for which I was grateful as the beginning was pretty steep!

There were lots and lots of newts and banana slugs. We had to be careful not to step on the newts since they were often chilling in the middle of the trail.

Touching the trees was fun too, redwood bark is quite soft!

I wore him for the second half of the hike and he took a short nap before waking up when it started raining.

We got out of the carrier for a rest and to throw some rocks into the creek. It’s so fun!!

A fun video too:

From this vantage point, we would usually be able to see the ocean and Half Moon Bay, but the fog didn’t let up and it was pretty much raining at this point.

At the end of the hike, we let Matthew walk around for a bit while we all used the restroom. Love Aunt Mimi’s baby bump!

He surprised all of us by actually touching a banana slug!

Great hike, definitely one to do again!!

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