Hike 16: Davis Creek Waterfall

Hike 16
1.25 miles
Davis Creek Waterfall

My friend Lora recently moved to Logan, UT, which is way up north, close to the Idaho border. So we don’t get to see her and her son on Hike it Baby SLC hikes very often anymore. She had a day where she needed to be in Davis County, so we scheduled a pop-up hike in Davis Canyon in Farmington. She was only one county away instead of three! One mom local to Davis County joined us with her 4 year old son and her baby along with Janet who hikes with me down in SLC with her daughter and dog Louie. Matthew LOVES when Louie hikes with us!

This was a new-to-us hike that promised a fun waterfall and a scenic view of the Great Salt Lake. It did not disappoint. It was forecasted to rain that day, so I didn’t bring my nice camera. I wish I did though, we only got a few drops on us.

The view of the Great Salt Lake was awesome and really gave a good idea just how big it is.

The mountains at the horizon are actually one big island called Antelope Island where there’s a road that goes over the water and you can hike and camp there when the weather and the bugs are nice.

It was a deceptively steep climb to the waterfall and there were some very steep sections where past hikers had tied some climbing rope to a tree, which was helpful. There’s a spot where the waterfall pools and some hike up to swim in what are called the Indian Bathtubs. It was a little too muddy and steep to see them up close, especially with a toddler on my back. But it’s a place I’d love to explore more at a later time.

Fun, but short, hike!


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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