Hike 18: Little Cottonwood Trail / Lisa Falls

Hike 18
6.25 miles
Little Cottonwood Trail / Lisa Falls

This trail kind of kicked my butt. I hiked it last year with Tommy, knowing it was approximately three miles up to Lisa Falls. We didn’t make it that far, but I loved the trail itself as it’s a mostly gradual climb, I didn’t feel exhausted after only hiking half a mile. Along Little Cottonwood Creek it’s really pretty with a ton of water flowing down the canyon and beautiful granite cliffs on both sides. Last year we probably hiked about two miles up before heading back, maybe 1.75 miles, I can’t remember.

I was feeling adventurous last week and added the hike to the Hike it Baby calendar with a goal of getting all the way up to Lisa Falls. Bailey and Darcy joined me on a sunny and warm-ish morning and we headed out.

Neither of them had really hiked this trail before. Bailey had hiked down the trail a little bit from the top after failing to find the trail to Lisa Falls. The trail is completely unmarked from the turnout on the road, even though it’s really short, only 0.2 miles.

For both Matthew and Ryan, the novelty of the day became throwing rocks into the water. Bailey and I both got tired of bending down to pick up rocks, especially as the hike wore on.

I love this spot where there’s a sharp turn in the creek and a small beach was created. Lots of opportunity to throw rocks into the water for sure!

The trail got a little steeper as we got close to the road and my legs were feeling some fatigue and my body was feeling every one of Matthew’s 27 pounds. There’s a turnout on both sides where you can park if you want to visit Lisa Falls without hiking three miles first. On the north side of the road there’s a somewhat hidden trail that goes up to the falls. Like I said before, there’s no sign to mark the trail, you just have to go looking for it. It was a slow climb for that 0.2 miles as we stopped to rest often. But once we got there, it was worth it!

It was warm and sunny sitting on the rocks, but the water was ice cold! We let the kids dip their toes into the water and play for a long and well-deserved rest. The water close to the falls is shallow and there are some very large boulders that we could sit on and enjoy a snack.

Despite me asking multiple times, Matthew chose to keep his shoes on and toss pebbles into the water and splash his hands around a little bit. I was surprised that he didn’t want to dip his toes in!

Hiking back down was WAY easier!! Matthew fell asleep on the hike back down, but we still made one stop at the last bridge so Ryan could consider throwing his rock into the water. He chose to hang on to it.

It really was a beautiful day and the my body was feeling it the next day. But I still want to do it again!

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