Hike 20: Bonneville Shoreline Trail / Draper

Hike 20
3.4 miles
Bonneville Shoreline Trail / Draper

After successfully hiking my way to the Bear Canyon Suspension Bridge last week, I added it to the calendar with Hike it Baby SLC. A half dozen moms and their kids joined us at Hidden Valley Park in south Sandy. The park is easy to get to, has plenty of parking, and has clean restrooms. There is also a playground for the kids. It was a great meeting spot.

Once we coaxed our kids off the playground, we headed up the trail toward the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. You can reach the trail from a few different spots along the paved pathway at this park, but I chose one that isn’t quite as steep as some of the others. The weather forecast predicted afternoon thunderstorms, but it was an absolutely gorgeous morning with blue skies. We could see thunderstorms across the valley headed our way though.

I really like this hike because it’s not a constant uphill climb like many of the canyon hikes. Since the trail skirts along the edges of the mountain range, the elevation remains fairly constant with just a few ups and downs as it dips in and out of various small canyons.

The wildflowers were gorgeous too!

Including some pretty purple flowers.

About halfway through the hike, the trail splits for a short distance and the left fork snakes through some really large granite boulders. They form a makeshift cave that is so much fun for the kids when we duck under this huge rocks.

The views of the Salt Lake Valley are really gorgeous on this hike. You can see the thunderstorms that were headed our way too.

We arrived at the bridge and the kids all had a lot of fun exploring it. It was built with a lot of wire mesh along the sides to make it safe for little ones to explore without freaking their mamas out.

We let the kids down from their carriers and enjoyed some snacks and a rest. We tried to get a group photo with all of the kids… this was the best we got.


Matthew thoroughly enjoyed tossing small rocks off the side of the bridge. He had to do a little dance every time.

Looking back toward the way we came, it became apparent we should start heading back. It was warm enough that a little rain wouldn’t have hurt, but high winds and some lightning would have made for a hike we didn’t want to deal with.

Hiking back toward the north is just as gorgeous as hiking to the destination!

The last stretch before we got to the parking lot.

All in all it was a wonderful hike with some really gorgeous terrain. It’s a hike that they did again a few weeks later and I know for sure I will add it to the calendar again in September and October. In the hot months, this hike isn’t high enough in elevation to get out of the summer heat. So, once June hits hard, this hike will be on hold until it cools off.


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