Hike 21: Hollywood Sign

Hike 21
6 miles
Hollywood sign via Mulholland Trail and Mt Lee Road

While visiting my family in northern California for a couple of weeks, my two boys and I drove down to Los Angeles to visit my sister and her husband for a few days. She had Monday off, so we discussed taking the boys on a hike (she knows that I’m doing this challenge). Years before she’d hiked to the Hollywood sign and remembered it wasn’t a difficult hike and it was something my oldest was interested in seeing up close.

We drove to a trailhead that was kind of hidden behind a residential neighborhood and set off late in the morning. The sign at the trail head said the Hollywood sign was 1.9 miles away, so we planned to do this quick hike and then go get some lunch. We’d promised my oldest we could get some salmon poke.

Matthew was ready for a nap too!

It was beautiful viewing the Los Angeles basin from up on the hill, even with a little smog and haze. It was uphill pretty much the whole way and there was almost no shade. We were thankful the temperature was only in the low 80s. If it had been a warmer day, we likely woulnd’t have done this hike at all, at least not with both of the boys with us.

My sister was tracking our distance with a Garmin on her wrist and after 2 miles, it was apparent the sign was wrong. But it looked like we were pretty close, so we pushed on.

Once we reached the top of the Hollywood sign, we had hiked just a smidge over three miles. Almost all of it uphill. The sign was WRONG!

The view of the sign was kind of anticlimactic for me. Of course there would be a security fence, but I kind of expected a more interesting view. Jackie said this spot is one of the most heavily surveillanced places in all of Los Angeles. It has a ton of security cameras!

Sticking my phone up and over the fence produced a much more interesting photo, but not conducive to some Instagram-worthy selfies for sure!

Matthew had fallen asleep at this point and was completely zonked out.

At one point in the trail, it split to hike down to a spot to look up at the Hollywood sign. But at that point in the hike, we had no desire to hike back up again. We’ll have to save it for another day. We stopped at the sign that lied to us to take a few photos for proof.

We made it back to Jackie’s car pretty late in the afternoon. We were all starving and I was starting to feel nauseated after hiking on a nearly empty stomach. Tommy crashed while we sat in traffic and Jackie and I snacked, trying to get our blood sugar back up to normal. We’d brought plenty of water, but we were both starving. It was fun to check this off the list though!

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