Silver Lake, Brighton

I’m not counting this walk in my 52 Hike Challenge since it was less than one mile and a good portion of the walk is a boardwalk that meanders around a lake, not really much trail. When I set my own parameters for what qualified as a “hike” for this challenge, I decided that each hike must be at least one mile and be a true trail hike, not paved or what I like to call “stroller-friendly.” But the day was so beautiful that it was worth sharing.

I mean, c’mon! This photo is straight out of my iPhone, no filters or editing at all!

Silver Lake is a very popular spot for some outdoorsy time that doesn’t involve a strenuous hike. It’s high up in Big Cottonwood Canyon, so it’s out of the heat and great for small kids, strollers, and for people who just want to mosey. There are lots of picnic tables, benches to sit, and very clear pathways around the lake. Of course, this means it can get crowded, especially on hot summer weekends. The only drawback for me (aside from potential crowds) are mosquitoes. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, and lakes are perfect for that. I’ve been to Silver Lake many times, and today was the worst I’ve ever noticed the mosquitoes. We had some Terra Shield and were protected thankfully.

This afternoon, I was in the mood to mosey, so Matthew rode in the stroller and I let Tommy cruise on his Razor scooter. I’m honestly not sure the scooter was allowed. Bicycles aren’t allowed on the boardwalk, but it doesn’t say anything about scooters. I made a point to ask him to slow down or walk the scooter when we walked past anyone who was fishing.

Snack break and a little education. I think that sign talked about erosion and protecting the lake and surrounding areas by staying on marked trails. I think. Tommy found all of the informational plaques quite interesting.

We stopped at one spot close to the lake to search for a medium-sized geocache. It was supposedly easy to find but we had no luck finding it. Kind of a bummer.

Matthew even helped looking.

The loop around the lake is about 0.8 miles, so even with a slow meander, a snack break, and a little geocaching, we were heading home after a little more than an hour. Absolutely gorgeous day too!

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller


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