Hike 24: Stewart Falls

Hike 24
2.79 miles
Stewart Falls

This morning I met up with a fellow Hike it Baby mom, Hailey and her son for a hike to Stewart Falls in Provo Canyon, down in Utah County. There are two main spots where you can access Stewart Falls, depending on what kind of hike you want and where you want to end up in relation to the falls. Another Hike it Baby mom happens to live in the small city of Sundance, where one of the trailheads lies, so she offered to let us park in her driveway while she was on vacation so we could skip paying a few bucks to park at the Sundance Resort’s main lot. There’s an unmarked trail that is right across the street from her house that meets up with the main trail. It was very convenient!

Today I was REALLY kicking myself for not ordering a new battery charger for my DSLR. I really would have liked to have that camera!

Driving through Provo Canyon is really beautiful, worth it just for a pretty drive if you need it. I had never been to the small community of Sundance before.

It was a little over a mile to the 200+ foot falls, but we could see them off in the distance a long while before we arrived. You can see Mt Timpanogos looming above the falls for a while too. You can hike to the summit at 11,752 feet. Many do. But that one is not on my hiking bucket list.

The trail was narrow and we passed a few people. A large part of the trail is in the full sun too. At one point, a snake slithered across the trail right at my feet. Thankfully, not a rattlesnake. We also saw a small lizard and lots of butterflies. Matthew loves when we see butterflies right now and often asks me to try and follow them.


We got to the waterfall pretty quickly and found a shady spot to stash our gear so the kids could find a spot to play near the water. The water isn’t deep at all, but it looked like it moved pretty fast. Matthew was THRILLED to see so many rocks he could throw into the water. It’s become a priority for all hikes these days.

Here’s a video of the fun, plus a pan upwards to see just how high this waterfall is from where we were.

By the way, he found those sunglasses under his seat in the car and insisted on wearing them the whole hike! He thought he was SO cool!

There were lots of other people there, and I’ve read that this waterfall gets even busier on the weekends. With 200 feet of falling water, on a hot day, of course this would be a popular spot! There was a group of young girls who’d come wearing their bathing suits. It was fun watching them walk underneath the waterfall. It was a warm, day, but the water is REALLY COLD!

We sat and had some sandwiches, Goldfish, and granola for lunch, watching others play in the water. The boys played in the dust and us moms juggled getting food into them before it was coated in dust.

This one golden retriever LOVED the water and just laid down in it. He made everyone laugh who saw him.

This is the view looking back across the canyon toward Provo, not too shabby.

Right before it was time to leave, Matthew finally built up enough courage to get his feet in the water. It helped wash off some of the dust.

This was a really awesome hike, and one I will definitely be doing again at least a few times this year. I really hope I can convince my oldest son to join us too. With the right motivation, I think he would love it.


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