Hike 25: Albion Basin and Lisa Falls

Hike 25
2.5 miles
Albion Basin and Lisa Falls

My cousins were in town visiting from Kansas City and they wanted to see some of the beautiful places I hike in the Wasatch Mountains. Since two of them were sporting leg injuries, that limited us to some short and somewhat easy hikes. Wanting to show them as much awesomeness as I could, we drove up to Alta, at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon on Friday morning hoping to get a parking spot at the Albion Campground. The lot is really, really small and is home to the trailhead for Cecret Lake, one of the most popular hikes in the canyons in the summer. The Albion Basin is beautiful in July with wildflowers, much cooler temps than on the valley floor and colorful mountains.

We got up there at 9:30 am and were greeted by a nice woman at the gate that separates the main road from the Albion Basin summer road. It’s only open for a couple of months in the summer. She said the lot at the campground was already full, but maybe we could get lucky and get there when someone was leaving. We drove on the bumpy, dirt road for 2.5 miles until we got to the tiny parking lot. Alas, it was full. We circled it a few times hoping to catch someone leaving with no luck.

We headed back toward the small parking lot for the Catherine’s Pass Trailhead. That lot was full too, but I blocked a few cars and let a few cousins out so they could take photos and use the restroom. While I waited there, a couple of women finished their hike and pulled out, opening up a spot for us. Yay!! We parked and hiked the half a mile down to the Albion Campground and began exploring the area.

We had no intention of hiking all the way up to Cecret Lake. I didn’t want my cousins to worry about their injuries on the rocky switchbacks that make up the last part of that hike. Instead we explored the trails in the basin and took lots of photos.

White Columbine


The wildflowers were really gorgeous!

Sticky Purple Geranium


Indian Paintbrush

Matthew liked them too!

It was an unbelievably gorgeous day, and about 68°. Glorious!

At one point, a couple of hikers let us know there was a moose visible from the trail. Sure enough, there was! We were told she looked to be a young cow. She was just laying in the grass in the shade, swatting flies away with her big ears.

Knowing it wouldn’t be easy getting all the way to Cecret Lake, this rock and its lovely overlook of the basin was my destination. I have stopped here more than a couple of times to take photos.

No hike is complete without some time spent throwing rocks into some water. Ava was happy to play too.

And it’s always fun if we can get our feet wet!

As we headed back down Little Cottonwood Canyon, we stopped for a quick visit with Lisa Falls. I had promised them a waterfall, and this is probably one of the easiest waterfalls to get to in the Salt Lake Valley.

Tommy got his hair wet and Ava was only willing to get her feet wet. It was crowded that day, but still fun.

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