Hike 27: Doughnut Falls

Hike 27
about 1 mile
Doughnut Falls

My brother, sister-in-law (Patrick & Melissa) and their new baby are in town for a visit and they want to see some of the awesome hiking we have in Utah. Doughnut Falls is one of the most popular hikes along the Wasatch Front for good reason; it’s really cool!

I have hiked it a couple of times, including once in the snow. To get to the spot where the waterfall is actually falling through the “doughnut” in the rock, you have to scramble up a steep hill over large rocks and slippery boulders that are actually IN the water. How much water varies on the time of year and the rainfall. I don’t mind getting my feet wet, but I was never comfortable attempting it with 20+ pounds of Matthew on my back (he’s almost 28lbs right now). One slip or fall could be trouble. So every time I have hiked to these falls, I haven’t gone up to close to them.

Climb up where?

This hike with Pat and Melissa, they both climbed up to the top while I stayed down with Matthew so he could throw rocks into the water (a requirement for every hike!). The chipmunks were a little too friendly and obviously not very scared of people.

When Pat got back down, he told me I really needed to get my butt up there to see it. So Melissa stayed with Matthew and Pat and I climbed up to the top. Patrick is obviously very agile, even at 6’5″ and his baby is only about 10lbs. Less than the weight of the backpack!

It was SO rad! The water falls into a big hole in the rock and there’s a cave that you can walk into to see it. It was very loud and the water was ice cold, but wow it was fun! I would love to go back some time without my boys and set up my camera on a long-ish exposure. With the low light of the cave it could be really fun.

This isn’t a long hike, and even in the higher elevation (~8500ft) it was still warm, about 89°. So we made our way back home into some air conditioning, already discussing other hikes to explore during their visit.

Ahnu Tilden Water Sandals (I have come to the conclusion that my feet are a smidge too wide for Keen women’s sandals. But these new ones are fantastic!)
Líllébaby CarryOn Air Baby Carrier
HiB LOVES Onya Hip Pouch

Patrick’s Gear:
Líllébaby Complete Airflow Baby Carrier


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