Hike 28: Deer Valley

Hike 28
2 miles
Deer Valley, Park City

We headed up to Park City on Sunday with plans to explore and try to do a little bit of hiking. Some online research led us to the Deer Valley Resort and the option to buy tickets for the chairlift and then a hike back down to the car. That’s kind of what we did.

We drove up to the Deer Valley Resort and purchased tickets to ride the Silver Lake Express chairlift, once we got on after bathroom breaks, diaper changes, and a quick bit of Pokemon GO. The ride was beautiful and breezy at the higher elevation, but I would have liked the temps to be a bit lower.

My acrophobia was mostly under control and once Bill, Tommy, Matthew and I were settled in our 4-person chair, we realized that we left the nice camera in the car and Bill’s GoPro fell out of his backpack right as he was getting onto the chairlift. DOH! Thanks to the wonders of technology, he was able to call the resort and ask them to look for it. The guy working at the lift sent it up the mountain on another chair and we were able to pick it up a while later. Whew!

We rode the Silver Lake Express up to the Deer Valley Resort and then we took another chairlift, the Sterling Express, up to the top of Bald Mountain. It was an extra $7 to take and it was well worth it! There was a 360° view of Deer Valley, Park City, the Jordanelle Reservoir, and neighboring Heber Valley.

The only drawback was that because of recent wildfires in northern Utah, the view was quite hazy. But it was still beautiful.

Matthew photobomb!

We snapped a bunch of photos and then decided to head back down because we could see a thunderstorm working its way over to us. The wind picked up quite a bit while we rode the chairlift back down. I’m not ashamed to admit that I had to close my eyes and do a little deep breathing to calm myself down.

We chilled at the resort and had some snacks while Av nursed and the boys ran around. Once we figured out that the thunderstorm looked WAY worse from the top of the mountain than it really was, we started hiking back down to our car.

We hiked down a street between small resorts and what we assumed were rental properties before getting to the actual trail. Once we got to the trail it was two miles to the car. It was really pretty and nice to spend the whole hike going downhill for once.

Once we got back to the car, we rode the funicular up to the St. Regis to take in some of the views. Their outdoor bar was busy, but we managed to snag a couple of Adirondack chairs that looked out over a span of grass to rest.

The boys ran around while we sipped our respective, overpriced beverages. It was a relaxing way to end the evening before figuring out what to do for dinner.

My Gear:
Ahnu Sugarpine Hiking Boots
Líllébaby CarryOn Toddler Carrier
GoPro Hero4 Silver

Pat’s Gear:
Líllébaby Airflow Baby Carrier
Hydroflask Water Bottle


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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