Hike 29: Stewart Falls

Hike 29
4 miles
Stewart Falls, Aspen Grove

Today we did our best to get out the door a little early so we could explore Stewart Falls in Provo Canyon. It’s a very popular hike and we didn’t want to deal with a crowd. Thankfully, we were greeted with a parking lot that was only about a third full. Woot!

I’ve hiked to this waterfall before, but I hiked from a residence in Sundance. This was my first time hiking from the trailhead that’s in the Uinta National Forest. We paid $6 to park and then it was approximately two miles to the falls from there.

It was such a pretty trail! It was also a good mix of up and down rather than a trail that is up the whole way or down.

It’s also easy to see why this trail is called the Aspen Grove. A large portion of the hike was through a lot of aspen trees.

There were a couple of spots that offered a pretty view looking back through Provo Canyon.

We saw the falls a ways out before actually getting there.

The hike from this direction deposits us at the midpoint of the waterfall, and then there’s a narrow trail that winds down the hill to get us to the bottom.

Once at the bottom we found a shady spot to park our bags and started playing in the water. It was very cold, but also very refreshing on such a warm day.

Melissa was the first the hang out under the waterfall, and then Tommy was all excited to go too but chickened out.

I got the GoPro all set and was going to go with him, but he chickened out again. Then Patrick grabbed him and carried him under.

I followed them with the GoPro, so I’ll try to get that posted soon. It was awesome!!

Matthew wasn’t sure about the water. He usually loves to play, but today he wasn’t having it. He was happy to just throw rocks into the water. He didn’t even want to get his feet wet.

Looking back the other direction toward Provo Canyon:

Patrick, Bill and Tommy climbed up to the middle of the falls to explore and take photos and video.

Bill took this panoramic photo from that spot:

Matthew needed a milk break, because Av had one too.

Before we started to head back, we stopped for some last photos with the falls behind us.

With so much of the Wasatch Front protected watershed, there aren’t a lot of hikes that reward us with a waterfall or lake we can actually play in. It makes Stewart Falls such a winner!

My Gear:
Líllébaby CarryOn Toddler Carrier
Ahnu Women’s Tilden Sport Sandals
Camelbak M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack
GoPro Hero4 Silver
Canon 70D
18-135mm Zoom Lens


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