Hike 31: Doughnut Falls (again!)

Hike 31
~3.5 miles
Doughnut Falls

Today was my brother and sister-in-law’s last day in Utah and they wanted to do one more hike before flying home. Being a Satruday, that meant that pretty much any hike to a waterfall or lake was going to be busy. Regardless of that warning, they opted to hike to Doughnut Falls once more.

As we turned onto Big Cottonwood Canyon Road, we saw the sign stating that the road would be closed from 2-4pm for a Tour of Utah stage that was coming through the canyon later in the afternoon. It was just after 11am, so we knew we’d have enough time. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a cycling race that takes place in stages throughout Utah, similar to the Tour de France, just smaller.

I had no expectations that we’d actually get a parking spot right at the trailhead, so I didn’t even try. We parked along the street and walked the extra mile or so to the trailhead and then on up to the falls. To say it was a busy day would be an understatement. We opted to hike up the fire road that skirts the edge of the creek rather than take the normal trail. We saw significantly fewer people on that part of the trail. It only goes about halfway though.

We got to the falls quickly and there was quite a traffic jam of people scrambling up the boulders to see the doughnut in the rock. We even passed one family who had stopped for a picnic, and they were eating doughnuts!

Melissa found a somewhat comfy rock to chill on and nurse Av while Patrick strapped Matthew onto his back and he, Tommy and I worked our way up to the falls.

Tommy was having a rare day where everything was a chore and he whined incessantly. It took quite a bit of negotiating to get him to come up to the top with us. I’m glad he did, because it was awesome!

I had the GoPro with me, so I’ll see if any of the video is worth sharing.

I thought Matthew was freaked out by how loud the waterfall is when you’re up close to it, but he told me later that he was scared because he thought there was a bear sleeping in that cave. 😀

Because Matthew wasn’t thrilled with the waterfall, we didn’t stay long to play. He took one last look before we left… looking for the bear.

Heading back out, we stopped for a couple of pictures at this lovely spot.

It was a fun hike and we had some really excellent timing with it. We made it out of Big Cottonwood Canyon with ten minutes to spare before they closed the road. As we headed down, they had already stopped letting cars go in. Then, as we were driving to a place to have lunch, the skies opened up and dumped a ton of rain and hail on us, there was standing water on the freeway it came down so fast! The outside temperature dropped into the mid 50s and we actually put on jackets as we ran into the restaurant for lunch. An hour later the skies cleared and it was back into the 80s. Welcome to the end of summer in Utah!

My Gear:
Líllébaby CarryOn Toddler Carrier
Ahnu Women’s Tilden Sport Sandals
GoPro Hero4 Silver
Canon 70D
18-135mm Zoom Lens


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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