Hike 35: Adams Canyon, Lower Falls

Hike 35
2 miles
Adams Canyon, Lower Falls

With my husband out of town for work for a couple of days, I decided to go full-on, slacker mom mode in an effort to get a few more hikes in while the weather is gorgeous in September. My sink is currently full of dishes, laundry is sufficiently piled up, and there are toys strewn in pretty much every room of the house. They can wait.

I hiked into Adams Canyon in Layton last September with Hike it Baby and I plan to go again in a couple of weeks, but it’s not an easy hike and it’s one I would prefer to do while my first grader is at school. While browsing for ideas on other waterfalls, I ran across a post from The Salt Project (a blog about fun stuff to do with kids in Utah, including hikes). They explained how to get to the lower falls at Adams Canyon and how it’s a quick two-mile hike roundtrip. Sweet!

I decided to risk taking both boys after picking up Tommy from school this afternoon. This is a risk because my oldest is prone to boredom whenever we do anything remotely “hike-ish.” We stopped to pick up some sandwiches at Jimmy Johns and then drove up to the trailhead, a good 35 miles north of us. Adams Canyon is a popular trail, so I wasn’t surprised to see lots of other cars in the lot.

This trail starts out with some very annoying switchbacks that go through soft sand. They’re in the sun and really no fun at all, as you can see in Tommy’s body language here. Kind of cool that we can see Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake at the horizon though.

A short way up the trail, this marker has been added to commemorate Elias Adams, for whom the canyon was named after.

Using the directions from The Salt Project’s post, we found the correct trail pretty quickly. This kind of shows the only “hard” part of the hike. This little section is very steep and we all needed to sit down to climb down this section.

We played in the water, threw a few rocks, got our feet wet, and enjoyed a picnic dinner.

This is as close as he was willing to get to the water.

The real magic for me was the 20 minutes of silence I enjoyed while we were all eating our sandwiches and listening to the waterfall. My boys are almost 7 and 2.5. Silence truly is golden.

We played for about an hour and a half and we never saw any other hikers, we had the waterfall all to ourselves!

Having a little fun with a slower shutter speed!

Looking back at our picnic spot from right next to the falls.

I tried to prop the camera on a rock to get a photo of all three of us, not too shabby! Tommy is pretending he’s diving into the water.

I absolutely loved this late afternoon hike for the light! The sun was just starting to set and was casting a warm glow over everything. I really need to figure out some more hikes at this time of day… ones that my oldest will still be willing to do!

Having some fun with the light!

On our way back to the car, the moon started to rise over the mountains too! Matthew was VERY excited to see it!

We had so much fun on this hike that I added it to the Hike it Baby calendar and we will be going again this coming weekend!

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