Hike 40: Willow Heights Trail

Hike 39
2 miles
Willow Heights Trail to Willow Lake

I just learned about this trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon a few weeks ago when a friend hiked there and posted some gorgeous photos on Instagram.

It was already late enough in the season that we missed out on the gorgeous foliage, but she added it to the calendar anyway. We’ve been having some really gorgeous weather and since November 1st marks the beginning of another Hike it Baby 30 Challenge, I want to actually get some miles in before the weather turns into real winter. Last November it was already really cold and many of our favorite canyon trails were covered in snow. I also wasn’t brave enough to try hiking in the snow just yet. This year will be different for sure!

The beginning of the hike is all uphill and steep in some parts. Just when you’re tired and wishing it would flatten out, it does and you’re left with a wide and beautiful meadow.

It was actually pretty chilly the morning of our hike, mid 30s, and we got some snow and sleet on us at different times. I was having a STELLAR day when it came to remembering anything though. I managed to forget Matthew’s coat. I had dressed him in wool, base layer pants and then fleece over them, so his legs were plenty warm. But a coat would have been smart since it was in the mid 30s!

Luckily, I keep a hooded blanket in the trunk of my car. It’s designed to clip onto the straps of a baby carrier and provide extra warmth and coverage when babywearing. Two layers of fleece, some elastic and snaps and it works like a charm. I can’t put it on my back alone, someone has to help me, but it’s great for these chilly days… or when I forget his damned coat. The blanket I have was made by a mom local to me who has a shop on Etsy: LittleMonsterStudioo

I also managed to have three dead batteries for my camera. So I hiked with a dead weight on my shoulder and go no photos from it. At least I had my phone.

For being pretty cloudy and desolate, it was still beautiful. I will definitely hike this trail again in the spring and fall to see the aspen again. The toddlers were excited to see snow in a few spots too. The reflection of the trees in the small lake was really beautiful.

Here you can see the nifty blanket that was keeping Matthew warm.

Matthew had fun throwing a couple of rocks into the water. He walked around for a few minutes before getting wrapped up again.

Thanks to the magic of Photoshop, here’s a group shot.

Líllébaby Essentials All Seasons Baby Carrier
Ahnu Sugarpine Waterproof Hiking Boots
Hydroflask Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Hooded Fleece Babywearing Blanket


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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