Hike 41: Bonneville Shoreline Trail (again!)

Hike 41
4.56 miles
Bonneville Shoreline Trail

I know I’ve done this trail more than a few times this year, but it’s convenient, close to home, and a good workout. I’m fairly sure today is the last time I will hike this trail this year, but I can’t promise anything.

November 1st marked the start of another Hike it Baby 30 Challenge month, so I added a couple of hikes to the calendar for the SLC branch. Two moms requested I add this hike, so I was happy to oblige. Two moms met me at Hidden Valley Park and we set out. It was quite chilly in the shade where the sun hadn’t peeked over the mountains yet. I remembered my sweatshirt this time… and one for Matthew. He must have been tired that morning because he fell asleep within about 15 minutes of hiking and slept through the majority of the hike.

We made great time to the Bear Canyon Suspension Bridge and from there continued on past the bridge to see what the trail was like. With previous hikes, we always turned back at the bridge.


I spy some California Poppies in Utah!

Past the bridge, it was clear why this trail is so popular with mountain bikers. It’s a little flatter and a lot less rocky. It also had some beautiful views of the hills above Draper and the Point of the Mountain. We speculated just how far it goes south, wondering if it links up with other trails we know of. A quick search online confirmed that the BST does indeed go all the way to the Point of the Mountain. From there, it stops, but picks up again in American Fork Canyon and goes all the way to Provo Canyon. Someday all of these trails will be connected!


We hiked for just past two miles before deciding to call it quits and turn around. Another day we will consider hiking further, or meeting at a different trailhead and exploring the BST in the Corner Canyon area of Draper.

Matthew wanted to touch the boulders, he said they were “soft.” I’m skeptical!

When we got close to the end, all of the kids were awake and the two toddlers were anxious to go play on the playground. I had also promised Matthew he could walk the rest of the way.

Líllébaby CarryOn Toddler Carrier, Frosted Rose
Ahnu Sugarpine Waterproof Hiking Boots
Hydroflask Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Canon 70D
18-135mm Zoom Lens


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